Sunday, December 25, 2011

A message of Peace

People wonder what the reason for this season is and never really stop to consider the true meaning. Yes I get silly here probably because it's the only way I can keep what little there is left of my sanity with all that's going on in the world. But the underlying reality is that this is the season of sacrifice. It's the time of year when we're supposed to look at the other of humanity and feel compassion. It's for people like Billy who helps out his neighbor Helen knowing that she can not care for herself and yet looks after her daily anyway. It's for Randal who inspite of a sarcastic exterior never hesitates to say the right thing when trouble comes. Not to mention S.W. and Jim and Tom and many many others who are always there for you even though they may be hundreds of miles away. It's for the ounce of compassion left in a world that's turned hostile. And to all those out there who for one reason or another have stopped posting we're still thinking of you. Even though life may have thrown it's ugly fate at you we still care and are worried about you.

So to all a momentary period of compassion even if it's brief for we're only on this earth for a brief time. That is the true meaning of the season. Whether it's true or not about a virgin birth doesn't matter. But the sacrifice always matters, it matters for our very existence, our very will to live on this planet.

Peace to all and may at least some of your wishes come true this coming new year.


The Blog Fodder said...

Well said, Demeur. Peace on earth; goodwill towards men. Ah if only. Have a great holiday season.

pygalgia said...

Great post.
Since you asked again (I answered in the comments on my blog), I moved to Minnesota for a woman and a job. Neither have been quite what I hoped for, but both are going well, and it's more than I had in Flagstaff. As much as I love Flag and river running, my life was stagnant after 17 years, so it was time for a change. She's got about three years of nursing school, then we're moving somewhere warmer (if things go according to the plan).

BBC said...

Fuck peace, I've not seen it in my 68 years, or in any of my past life times.

Stop being a bunch of fucking bleeding hearts and wake up to what planet you are on.

You want fucking peace? Just make it in your space, and have enough ammo on hand to make it so.

BBC said...

Peace on earth; goodwill towards men.

Fucking dreamers, been there, done that, bunch of fucking bullshit.

Fucking smucks.

Demeur said...

Py I kind of know what you mean. After 20 years of Haz Mat I think it's time to hang it up too. If there was a way I'd move elsewhere. As much as I like the NW it's getting too expensive and I sure couldn't retire here.

Billy you old softy. You may have a hard crust but I know you'd help just about anybody. And that was my whole point.

Randal Graves said...

When the hell have I ever said the right thing? At least you got the sacrifice part right.

S.W. Anderson said...

What a fine sentiment, and so very true. In the end, the best we have in this life, the closest thing to an inexaustable resource we have, is people — family, friends, neighbors, and so on. How we regard and treat them affect the social environment we all inhabit. Selfishness and meanness beget more the same. So do generosity and decency.

Re: Randal, I distinctly recall him saying the right thing. I can't recall what he actually said, but I remember it sure enough was the right thing. ;)