Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A brief interlude of mayhem

From an undisclosed location on a roof top high above the city of Homs, Syria a livestream reporter has placed a camera. With the internet cut off from the country an ingenious workaround has been devised. Rather than the regular DSL line requiring a phone connection (at this point phone service is doubtful) a Satellite internet connection is being used. The one drawback of the process is that no identifiable street scene can be shown lest the government forces hone in on the location. The last reporter to do so was arrested and is now presumed dead.

An eerie quiet fills a viewers ear as an image of across the way roof tops with satellite dishes fills a small frame. Birds chirping and nesting somewhere near the rooftop camera can be heard amongst the whooshing sounds of incoming artillery shells. Then the explosions follow along with black smoke drifting in the air. From time to time small arm automatic gunfire can be heard in the mix. This is life under siege for a small town of mostly unarmed citizens. Their only crime was to protest in the streets. This is an act of government sanctioned murder.

What I witnessed last night was a murder plane and simple. Indiscriminate shelling of buildings and homes is not the act of going after an enemy or tracking down a terrorist. I was informed that so far 12 people had died. Imagine sitting in your home having done no crime when the military started firing. What would you do? Would you hide in your home or try to run to a safer place knowing that you could be gunned down in the street?

All something to think about the next time you break a shoelace or the car won't start. How inconsequential and small our own problems are compared to theirs.


The Blog Fodder said...

Brave reporter. Military don't like reporters around showing their dirty work. Shut down Vietnam, didn't it?

Kind of like life in Chechnya and half a dozen African countries. If it weren't for the upcoming war with Iran, no one in the USA would even know about Syria.

BBC said...

Too bad they don't have arms, they could get in on the excitement.

What would you do? Would you hide in your home or try to run to a safer place knowing that you could be gunned down in the street?

I think maybe I'd be busy digging a hole.

Randal Graves said...

99% of our 99% are 1% to 99% of everyone else.

But don't worry, eventually such crazy street shit will happen here.

Demeur said...

Yes Randal and beware one of the first things a repressive government does is burn the books and kick librarians out of work.