Saturday, February 18, 2012

No greece for you.

While the world has its' attention fixed on wars and rumors of wars a quiet theft is taking place. You won't find it on the front pages because it's being well hidden from world view. This is no ordinary theft though. It is the theft of an entire country and it's happening before our very eyes. I speak of Greece. Go ahead google it and see what you come up with. Not one scrap of information since Sundays' riots and even they were well hidden with but a 30 second clip on the late night news. What got news was the theft of a couple dozen statuettes from Olympia, Greece, a petty crime by comparison. Even Greek news has the blinders on with only a few photos of Sundays' destruction.

Why you may wonder with an entire nation on fire with the rage against austerity measures wouldn't it make even the first sections of newspapers and TV? Quite simple if you look at the entire plan. This is a complex heist involving an elite group of wealthy people who's soul mission it is to own the entire world. You think that's some hair brained conspiracy theory? Think again and look at who is doing what to whom all with the assistance of entire national governments. You have to have some very large deep pockets to pull something like that off. And what a perfect time to execute such a plan. The European Union is only 14 years old and never considered at it's founding what would happen if even one of the member countries went bankrupt. The European Central Bank was set up for one function, to keep inflation under control at no more than 2%. With no other rules in place it's a seat of the pants governing body at this point, making up the rules as they go. There was never any penalties set forth in the beginning to deal with the current situation. The concept of a multi country union may have been great in theory but it was never though out completely from the start or maybe that was the plan. That's hard to say.

Aside from the information about when the bail out will be instituted, that has been batted around like a ping pong ball the last few months, we know the average Greek isn't happy with having their future dashed with the measures of austerity they now face. I have been trying for several days to contact the people over there to find out the true extent of the damage with no real response. It was reported that the riot police (not sure they were even from Greece) were using chemical weapons on the protesters. We're not talking about the usual pepper spray or even military grade CS gas but something new, a gas that causes intestinal distress rendering people incapacitated for days. This is to date not been verified.

And why all the concern for such a small country on the other side of the world? Because if you look at some statistics about national debt and the revenues that cover it (GDP) you will see that nearly the entire world is in the same economic sinking ship. It's just that no government will own up to the facts and especially here in the U.S. during an election year. Many think that China owns us as a country but the actual fact is that our own government holds the bulk of our debt. At some point the bill will come due or in our case when even the interest on that debt can't be paid just like Greece. We however are fortunate enough to be able to adjust our monetary policies. Greece can't do that remember it's part of the Euro zone. But as we've seen the game never really changed when Bush left office. The leveraging continues just as it did before and we know that at some point the bubble will break again. We are tied financially to other nations in this global economy. When the house of cards starts falling we will be part of it. So Greece is the canary in the coal mine. Keep your eyes focused on her to see what could happen here.


J. Marquis said...

Great post.

The Blog Fodder said...

I am hoping Greece defaults and cancels all debt, leaves the EU and goes back to her old currency. The Greeks will suffer substantially but at least they will still own their own country. If all the PIIGS countries did that, the EU would disappear but at least the citizens of those countries would still own them, not the financiers of the ECB and IMF

Randal Graves said...

No matter what happens, Olympiacos will still win their league for the 405th time in 507 seasons. Unless they burn down the stadium.

Tom Harper said...

I was against that treaty in the early 1990s that formed the European Union. After the people voted to approve the treaty, I figured it was probably a good idea; the people must have known what they were doing.

Now I think I was right the first time. The EU is great for a few financiers. For the public, not so much.