Sunday, February 26, 2012

Help I'm surrounded by stupid

Stupid here stupid there stupid everywhere.

Look out the window and what do I see? Two guys pressure washing a roof at a business in the area. One complete with safety harness and long tie off rope. The other sans any safety equipment at all, guess he has a pair of wings under that raincoat. I know the business and I even watched when they put the new roof on the place. There's not one tie off point on the roof yet there they are running about one making sure the fall line doesn't get snared causing the guy with the wand to trip. But that's okay because like dominoes if one should slip and fall he'd just take the other guy with him because that's human nature to think we can somehow overcome 2000 lbs. of downward force. I'd call that the thinning of the gene pool. It's much like the fat mother holding her baby in her lap on the front seat of a car never realizing the forces of abrupt deceleration. Maybe that should be a requirement to pass a driving test, experience what it's like to be exposed to g 4 and I'm not talking about some economic summit or new wireless system here. It's okay mom the baby won't know what hit her when your body crushes her against the dashboard. Far be it from me to interfere with the natural order when Mother Nature is doing her job.

Stupid is walking or driving with ear buds in your ears listening to your favorite hits and expecting nothing bad to ever happen.

Stupid is saying the post office can be eliminated because people in rural areas can use Fed Ex.

Stupid is saying colleges are some kind of evil indoctrination program.

Stupid is wanting to eliminate all public schools and expecting the poor to pay for a private school.

Stupid is wanting kids to do the work of janitors thinking that will somehow get them ahead. That's why you go to school so you won't have to be a janitor.

Stupid is eating at a fast food place several times a week and wondering why you're 50 pounds overweight.

Stupid is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Oops no, my bad, that's insanity a topic for another post.

Stupid is sliding down a railing on a skateboard and thinking you won't eventually get hurt. That only happens to the other guy right?

Stupid is thinking you can drink a half a fifth of scotch and drive home safely. The odds are against you stupid!

Stupid is thinking that a flag, a book, a cross, or any other inert object has more value than a human being.

I guess it's true you can't fix stupid. And life wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to cross paths with stupid people.

Feel free to add your own stupid comments.


The Blog Fodder said...

One of your women pundits said if they took away women's right to vote, the Democrats would never win an election. I was thinking if they took away men's right to vote it would eliminate the Republican Party in its entirety.
In the commodity markets we say the cure for low prices is low prices and the cure for high prices is high prices. Maybe the cure for stupidity, as you suggest, is actually stupidity. Except in the past few years it seems to be increasing not decreasing.

Tom Harper said...

"Stupid is sliding down a railing on a skateboard and thinking you won't eventually get hurt."

Well, that explains why I can't move my neck.

BBC said...

Why care about the stupid as long as they remove themselves?

I'm pissed because of the Daytona 500 being rain delayed so I'm going to miss the destruction.

Mooner In The Perti Dish said...

Demeur. GrannyOK suggested I stop by and I'm glad I did.

"Stupid is as stupid does" would be my favorite.

My least favorite stupid is how men like Rick Santorum can have enough votes to win an election. Any election.

How stupid must a woman be to support a man who wants to rule over her based upon his stilted religeous idiologies?

BTW- you didn't mention the roof washers' weights or the distance of their fall, but isn't 2,000 lbs a little light on that inertia?

Randal Graves said...

Real Americans don't walk 10 miles in the snow to mail a letter because everyone has the newest iPhone and can do all their bill paying and communication from their portable fingertips what's wrong with you?

Demeur said...

Fodder I'm sure somebody has an equation for that somewhere.

Tom you're supposed to say that happened in a car wreck years ago.

Billy Well I won't even go there.

Mooner thanks for stopping by. The weight is pretty much irrelevant. Even at 4 feet that's load rating for most ropes.

Okay then Randal go text in traffic because the guy in the oncoming car is probably doing the same.