Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not so Super

Why is it that in lifes' journey there always seems to be somebody out there that wants to drag you down? You know who I'm talking about. (hate that expression of course you don't I haven't gotten to the meat of this issue). And that reminds me of the expression "you know what you did". But I digress. Is it sheer greed or some sort of inferiority complex that makes these people? Didn't momma love them enough or were they teased but their siblings? Were they the nerd of the class that everybody made fun of? Then these people grow up to become, unfortunately, leaders. And rather than look after the best interests of society they set about to make everyones' life miserable. Is this some payback for an unhappy childhood? One has to wonder.

And now we see the results of a hoard of these outcasts banding together and having become the blue meanies of congress. The very people who tried to scare us to death with death panels for grandma are trying to steal grandmas' retirement and medical. You know the kid. When the old gal is pleasantly baking cookies in the kitchen grandson is stealing cash from her purse. When confronted with the missing funds junior insists it wasn't him and blames her for leaving her purse out where anyone could take it.

This is a tried and not so true tactic for you see people are starting to wise up to what's going on. The "blame the victim" routine might have worked once or twice but people aren't buying it anymore. And to such a grand scale these nerds have taken this scam. So with all this in mind I get to the meat of the matter. Okay what's the point in all this banter? A person becomes employed and when they do they expect to have an understanding of the way a company operates. They are informed from day one what the salary and benefits are. It is by it's nature a contract whether written or not. The worker in turn has an obligation to provide his/her labor or talent and look out for the best interests of the organization as a whole. Those at the top of the organization are permitted to negotiate their pay and benefits either on their own or with legal representative. A worker on average does not have that ability unless backed by a union. Who in this day and age could afford an attorney at their rates? So now it's become an issue of management to try and take away that advantage. They will do whatever it takes to belittle bemoan and berate the workforce as if nobody but their own standard of living mattered. And what major benefit have they provided? Have they stood on the production line or faced the dangers of the workplace? Most I'd say have not.

Now we come to that grandest of sporting events the Super Bowl. Say what you will about fat bank accounts of players and the millions they make but no one sees the billions the owners walk off the field with if they even bother to show up at all. They sit in their high posh glass enclosed suites and watch the play from afar. And I'd bet that the only time they make their presents felt is when there's a championship at stake. But the whole concept is somewhat skewed. A player may be lucky enough to have a long career but at what price. We know that the life expectancy of a player is 50 to 55 years on average. Then there's the injuries and surgeries to face which are becoming far too common. One bad hit becomes career ending and with usually little to fall back on what's a player to do? We have seen more than one pennyless and homeless player ground up from the gridiron.

And to my final point (thanks for staying tuned). Indiana has now become one of those right to work states or as I call it right to starve. No longer is a person there permitted to bargain for their salary and benefits if they are in a group, This will bring down the wages of all at a time when costs of living are going up. The nerds may have won this round but the people will rise up and change things. That is a given. We saw what's happening in Wisconsin and Ohio and soon to a state near you. So as a protest I'll be watching an old movie or something like that when the big game day hype rolls around. The ads may be clever but seeing the end result in all this isn't worth the price of admission.


harry said...

Fuck a bunch of fucking football fags.

The Blog Fodder said...

Right to starve is the correct term. They brag about the number of jobs but neglect to tell you that it takes the wages of three of them to provide a decent living

an average patriot said...

football player or bum worker it all boils down to the same thing. Like all average citizens anywhere in the world you are fodder to be used fort the gain of the affluent and or the government.

BBC said...

I've never watched a fucking football game on TV and I'm not starting now. All the stupid amounts of money and damage to the planet beside the point, I just think it's a stupid fucking game.

On the bright side, lots of sun today.

S.W. Anderson said...

$uper Bowl time again? (yawn).

I hope that RTW law Indiana Republicans and Daniel hustled through will end up being their ticket out of power. Stranger things have happened.