Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pot luck

Random bits and pieces today. That's what you get at a pot luck. And don't eat the deviled eggs they've been sitting out too long.

Of all the home sales here in the state of Washington last year one half were either foreclosures or short sales. Saw two places near me go for a song. Lucky I guess to have Boeing in my backyard. Well not that close but you know what I mean. Costs and wages are all relative. When I was a young kid a candy bar cost a nickel and now it costs a dollar but back then a good wage was $50 a week. Today that would just about cover a weeks' worth of Starbucks.

The game of chicken continues with Greece. One side like a pushy salesman wanting them to hurry up and sign the deal and the other knowing that the product is damaged but needs it anyway. No other stores to shop at either.

See another nations' leader has headed for the exit. The head of the Maldives stepped down after the beginnings of a coup came to his door step. Not a good day when you see the police take the protesters' side when you look out the window in the morning.

Speaking of police I see the police of Brazil aren't too happy. They're on strike and about 300 took up residence in the legislature building. Their wages and working conditions must be pretty bad for them to do that. All it takes is a touch of corruption and you don't know who to trust.

And no I didn't bother with the latest political beauty pageants mostly because they don't count anyway. How crazy have we become to waste millions on a primary election that doesn't count? Don't answer that. I know this is a country crazy enough to sell diet pet food so what would you expect?

Contraceptives. What's all the fuss? 99% of the nation uses or has used them. Does this mean the 1% get to dictate? A non issue if you ask me. The problem locally is that the Catholic hospitals here have taken over most of the public hospitals. The clinics have changed hands so many times I don't know what their names are at present. Small "doc in the boxes" as they're called have gotten quite bad over the years. I have no objection to foreign born doctors but when he tells you you might have mange you have to wonder about his past credentials.

Now as you leave my little pot luck here don't forget to tell your friends. And as you depart please pass up the bowl of mints. They've been there for years. They're only for show.


BBC said...

I'll take those deviled eggs, I have an iron gut.

You didn't include a link for me to whine about.

Demeur said...

No whine served here Billy. hehe

Randal Graves said...

So, uh, where's the pot?

So, what should we be spending those millions on, meals for poor kids, a wide receiver that can catch?

So, so?