Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More stupid things

As if we didn't have enough...

So tuned in to one of my few favorite programs last night only to find Buba and the boys in their fancy fire suits covered in advertising yapping about track conditions. Hoping this was some momentary delay to my usual Monday night spot I watched long enough to hear them say the reason for this interruption to my viewing pleasure. Seems one of the Buba's didn't see a truck used to dry the track filled with jet fuel and crashed into it. This reminds me of the guy here who ran into a ferry boat because he said he didn't see it. Pffft, Our boats are seven stories high and lit up like a christmas tree at night so how drunk were you when you ran into it? As for car races who the hell cares? "Look Buba they're makin another left hand turn!" "Wonder what happens next?"
Maybe they could make it more interesting by taking the governors off and adding combat weapons. That might make it interesting. A couple of 50 cals mounted where the headlights should be with a flame thrower and front and rear missile launchers might spice things up. It would sure thin out the lower end of the gene pool.

Then there's that other fine American "sport" ultimate cage fighting. Come on why not just bring back the real gladiators? You know they want to. Guys swinging real mace and other Roman weapons of that era. Make it really "ultimate"! Or how about the ultimate race through Homs, Syria on foot? You can picture contestants dodging tank shells and sniper fire. But now it seems nearly ever aspect of our daily lives has been turned into a reality show. Sorry but some things are best left at the office or factory because for the most part working is just a means to an end it's only that somewhere along the line we've forgotten what that was.

Now where the hell is my "House" Fox? Oops that's about a doctor and a hospital (Opens mouth wide extracts foot) :-)


S.W. Anderson said...

It sometimes seems as though the more viewing choices we get, the less well informed and entertained we are.

BBC said...

That car was out of control when it smacked that track dryer. It was some cool destruction. :-)

I like Nascar racing, especially the destruction. Hey, turning left at two hundred miles an hour isn't that easy, takes a lot of skill and raw nerve.

And now they have a cutie doing it that will be a media darling, it's all about the show you know.

BBC said...

Christians love to destroy shit, we should send some of them to Syria.

Demeur said...

Seeing as how she's a woman driver I expect she'll either cause others to die or get killed herself yapping on the cell phone to the pit boss.

The Blog Fodder said...

Gladiator sports were pretty low margin. Lions ate most of the prophets.

Anonymous said...

She's an Affirmative Action dyke, races "Indy" type go-carts also.

Fucking pitiful bunch of yelping Chihuauas with a few notable exceptions.

Real men smoked cigars as they raced the devil on the boards and the bricks.