Thursday, February 23, 2012

Women's Health

Reps on both sides of the aisle scream about waste whether it be military spending of $6000 toilets or an overpriced hammer. The ultra right howls at anything that might smell like a pork barrel yet if you look at what they've done the past 20 years or so it's just the opposite. One would think that they would be the party of cutting out wasteful things as this has been their battle cry as long as I can remember. Why then in Virginia would any government require a woman to have a completely unnecessary medical procedure and there by adding to already ballooning budget shortfalls? It won't matter who pays for such a procedure in the steps to a woman having an abortion in Virginia but should this draconian legislation pass it will create yet another government agency. What should they call the newly formed department? How about the Department of Who Who examination documentation? And who gets to verify that the woman was actually pregnant in the first place? Would the ultimate decision fall on the government instead of the doctor? The latest incarnation of this Kafka like bill places the liability on the doctor and then right back on the woman when a conventional ultra sound produces insufficient evidence.

I have a solution that might just fit the bill for you ladies that just might make these "legislators" think twice. Send them the following letter if you would:

Dear Senator/Congressperson

With the current legislation on a particular womens' health issue we the women of the state are about to propose a referendum for a new piece of legislation. We believe that this legislation you will find be no less intrusive than the legislation you are about to impose upon us. It is our belief that you in the process of developing new ideas are not truly focused on all of the ramifications involved. Our new piece of proposed legislation would require all members of the state house and senate to develop and pass or reject all future legislation with a broom stick in their rectum. This would have so many benefits for the citizenry of the state. It would surely keep a keen focus on the issues in front of you and I'm sure would make for a faster pace in the usually slow legislative process. And just so there'll be no cheating we'll have monitors stationed on the floor making absolutely sure that you can experience the pain and humiliation that you have presented to us.


The Blog Fodder said...

Good idea. When I hear about the goofy laws passed and proposed by your legislatures and congress, I wonder if there is anyone sane down there. Don't they have anything useful to do?

As the ice-cream cone said to the Popsicle "If you didn't act like you had a huge stick up your ass, maybe more people would like you...but I digress.

Tom Harper said...

Step Two: Make them lick the broomstick.

BBC said...

I don't understand the talk about left and right when it's all a room full of smoke and mirrors, one side is as bad as the other.

Randal Graves said...

Chicks, always complaining when they should be making sandwiches.