Monday, October 8, 2012

Blogger strikes again

Once again blogger isn't satisfied with leaving well enough alone. It decided that I must keep giving it my password even though I'm always signed in. Then it wants my phone number. Hey you're not a hot blonde so you're not getting it. What's next a stool sample and a rectal exam just to get to my blog? Forget it! And their latest little torture was they turned on spam control without my permission. Wouldn't that be like coming over to your house and rearranging the furniture without your permission? Kindly keep you mitts off my stuff thank you very much. I've gotten maybe 3 or 4 spam messages over a 6 year period. I'm not to lazy to hit the delete key when they show up either. Now where the hell was I when so rudely interrupted with google nonsense.

I see in the news Syria is once again using Turkey as target practice. That was right after they promised never to do it again. What do you say? Third times a charm and then all hell will break loose. And I see Gaza got the same treatment although I didn't read the full story. But...

Remember when the right wingers were whining about bringing terrorists to our land? Can't have that. They might escape and run around and rape our babies if they set foot on 'Merican soil. Well it appears that we have 5 of them in NY city awaiting arraignment set for Oct. 9. Well run for your lives. Hide under the bed because they might escape, shave their beards and take our jobs at the 7 -11s. Oh that's right they already did. Never mind. And of course there's the mentality that we must fight them over there. So much easier to blow them up with drones from a remote location in a Nevada office building rather than face to face. And I'm sure they don't mind if we blow up their neighbors and kids in the process. Collateral damage sounds so much neater than describing juvenile body parts on the eleven o'clock news. Imagine if such tactics were used in this country to go after criminals. The house at 123 Main street was leveled when suspected drug dealers at the home were wiped from the face of the earth. Two families next door on both sides of the home were also killed in the operation. Oh well just collateral damage.

O well I guess it's back to listening to the arteries harden and watching the bank account evaporate. Don't tell me I've nothing to do Capt. Kangaroo.


Bustednuckles said...

Blogger is buggered.
They keep trying to improve something there wasn't really anything wrong with just because they can and they fucked it up but good.
Someone needs a good ruler across the knuckles session.

Tom Harper said...

Our new Log-In procedure: Please provide a stool sample, complete work history, family tree going back at least seven generations, and prove that you've never been convicted of a felony.

As soon as you've provided all that, Blogger will be down for a scheduled 12-hour maintenance.

BBC said...

I only have to sign to blogger every week or two and I'll be damn if I'll give them my phone number, if they want it they can get on the fucking internut and look for it.

The right wingers ancestors were terrorists.

Roger Owen Green said...

Hmm, not having Blogger problems currently (and I have 2 active blogs using it.) Knock wood.

BBC said...

Authorities say a missing 79-year-old Seattle man has been found dead on a logging road near the Douglas-Lane county line in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

Well hell, good as place as any to die.

The Blog Fodder said...

No Blogger problems, log in or otherwise. Maybe you are "doing it wrong"?