Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spin cycle

Now that the republican party is staggering to it's feet after getting decked by a Biden roundhouse right, they're trying their best at damage control. Truth has a way of doing that when the white lies flew. Their latest hook to try and hang their hats on is that somehow the White house is responsible for the attacks in Libya. Pretty lame when it was their own party that cut the budget for security to the embassies at a time when dangers in the middle east were on the rise. This even after there was a request for increased funding by those they're blaming. And of course you could imagine their response had such funding actually made it through the legislature. Wasteful spending indeed. Security is like a fire extinguisher. You hope you'll never have to use it but you're glad it's there when you do.
With all the gyrations of positions coming from the right of late it's a wonder anyone can make sense of their party. Pick any issue and they stand with all sides which neither makes for good policy or leadership. You can no more drive a car by first slamming into drive then hastily crank it into reverse. Not only is that not good for the transmission observers would think you were nuts. But maybe they are somehow trying to emulate what those Nobel prize winners did by proving a particle could be in two places at once. That may be true in the nano world of quantum physics but not in our marco world of real life.
The psychosis runs rampant. First Romney was for pro choice then he was anti abortion then he was for limited abortions until he wasn't or so his campaign staff said. Trying to be all over the map is not going to get you elected and it makes you look like a fool. You can't call 47% of the population moochers then say you're for the 100%. You're not. We know who you and Ryan are for and it isn't us. You wouldn't have bragged how you liked to fire people then tell us how you'll create millions of jobs. It just can't work that way. You can sell your snake oil to your 1% friends but we aren't buying it.

But the spin cycle continues turning good new into bad and bad news into good. Biden grows a backbone and suddenly he's a mean old man. No this is what happens when you've spend four years belittling every idea that's come down the pike even though most of the ideas were yours. You can't use the "N" word on the president so you've called him every name short of that. Sorry lady a communist is not someone who'd lower taxes 18 times in a 4 year period. A socialist is not someone who'd prop up a private company so that it can continue to make profits. But I forget these are the low information voters who rail against any government medical programs while demanding that Medicare not be ended. Be careful lady you might just end up drinking the wash water if you continue to listen to them.


BBC said...

Back in the early 60's you couldn't slam a Mopar tranny into reverse while moving forward, there was a lockout valve in the tranny that kept you from doing that.

And those old tranny's had rear pumps so you could push start them if you needed to, had to get them going about 20 MPH but at least the car would start.

S.W. Anderson said...

Hard to believe, but a long time ago there were actually Republicans who didn't consider projection and blame shifting standard operating procedure.

The success of GOP lies and distortions isn't attributable to low-information voters alone. The 23 percenters who remained loyal to George w. Bush to the bitter end and later morphed into tea party extremists have an appetite for misinformation. That's news tailored to their anger, resentment, paranoia, prejudice, selfishness, bully tendencies and ignorance. Fox Noise, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and the rest are in business to satisfy their appetite for misinformation.