Monday, October 22, 2012

Ryanopia and the little people

(Watch out senator you might trip over the little people)

Ryanopia - The convenient showing of objections to policies you've already support. In other words doing one thing and saying the exact opposite.
Example: Ryan said he supports womens' rights while he voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Act which gave women the right to sue their employers when they found out they were doing the same job and being paid less than men. Also saying he feels that women have rights to certain medical care while supporting the Blount Amendment which would basically make abortion and some types of birth control illegal. And who could forget his railing against bailouts to states for green jobs while he wrote three letters to the energy department requesting funds because "it would create jobs". But the myopic senator is more focused on pleasing his wealthy friends and donors than the welfare of the country.

A few more item of note to consider. Seventeen states have ballot issues dealing with marijuana and gay marriage not to mention yet more tax benefits for the wealthy. That is an attempt to get out the low information voters, that is if they have enough time off work to even vote. Who after all reads all the propositions in those voter pamphlets? The best city attorney would have a difficult time understanding that legalize.

There may be a cure for Romnesia and Ryanopia but the procedure is a bit drastic. It would involve both candidates the forgetful Romney and the myopic Ryan to leave their home states and head for Texas. Upon their arrival governor Rick Perry would then succeed from the union and they could set up the republic of Texas. Something akin to Somalia where it's the survival of the fittest. Women would be treated like the Stepford Wives and all work would be preformed by an undereducated class that think people rode dinosaurs and the earth isn't heating up. How'd those prayers to end the drought work for you Ricky? No worries they'll just have to figure out how to turn oil into wine and learn to eat armadillos.  Road kill stew makes for good eats or so I'm told.

But there is one poll that's being overlooked in all this Galloping and Pewing and that would be what the electoral college is doing. At the moment it looks like the odds are in Obama's favor as they have since this circus began. After 13 months of watching Romney spin his head around faster than Linda Blair in the Exorcist should it be any wonder that this guy isn't perceived as a leader but a puppet on a string? Hopefully the electoral college will remember their mistakes from the Bush years and make amends. We can only hope.

Later I'll have a quick overview of what happened in Libya before Spin Romney gets his hands on the matter. (Spoiler alert!) If you were paying attention the the VP debate then you know the answers.

Correction - Oops the Blount amendment gives employers the right to prevent women from getting insurance coverage for contraceptives on "moral grounds". None the less we know where he stands on womens' health issues


BBC said...

What will you go on about after the election? I'm taking my ballot to the courthouse today, the media can shut the fuck up now.

BBC said...

Next year could be a repeat of 1776, there's something to ponder on.

S.W. Anderson said...

Anyone who's learned anything about Romney and Ryan's records has to be impressed with an obvious underlying theme: they have a perverse take on fairness. They're the kind of guys who would bet on Goliath to flatten David, if the smart money was saying David doesn't stand a chance. And, after Goliath got the worst of it, they would cry foul, say the fight was fixed, and try to welch on their bets.

The big-money wing of the Republican right has always believed the wealthy deserve the gold, and if the rest get the shaft there's nothing unfair or unjust about it. That's life as it's supposed to be.

The crazy thing about it is how many nonwealthy gullible dupes the GOP has in its corner. But then, it's crazy how many Americans have Sarah Palin's grasp of history and geography, and Michelle Bachmann's loose relationship with reality.