Sunday, October 7, 2012

News you can't use and some you can

This started out as the usual post about random things unrelated to each other but somewhat interesting as can be expected. Then snaking through the interwebs one stumbles on the connections. Seems everything is connected in it's own unusual way. It's just that like the perspective of an ant, we just can't view it far enough away to see it. The brainiacs of brainiacs have cobbled together a unique program for predicting the future via the traffic on the web. They have some how managed to make sense of all the world's chatter in an effort to make predictive forecasts. Much like gleaning the data from weather stations throughout the world to predict the weather. But their finding may surprise you. It turns out that events occur not by external catastrophe but by a perception of a jolt to the status quo. This is quite true when you think about it. We all have our comfort zones to protect and woe to him who tries to mess with it. At any rate, I find this a fascinating concept seeing as how we have for the most part a heard mentality. I leave you to make your own judgments about Recorded Future. As for me I have no crystal ball or soothsayer powers but logic is still logic.

Funny how in looking at the news today I find more reruns than usual. Has the chatter stopped? Did the writers have writers' block? Did the pundits wrap their illogical narratives so tight that they've slipped through the worm hole into the realm of logical? Look that one up in your Funk and Wagnels Mr. Spock. Oops it's the google now, forgot. Me thinks there's a pattern here and it's akin to brain washing. The zombie sheeple will after all believe the unbelievable if it's repeated often enough.

 But repeat any word over and over and soon it becomes meaningless. And that's their evil plan whether they know it or not. Give all your alms to the ruling elite because they deserve it. They're the "job creators" so bow down to the boys in the corporate boardroom. But the only job they created was their own. If you hated government so much then why on earth would you want to work for it? Inquiring minds want to know. Wouldn't that make you part of the problem then? Oh I forget it's only the little people who don't count. Well let's see you get by without the garbagemen and the cleaners and the pickers. And when they complain about not making enough to survive you'll give them something to placate their needs like a job title. After all who wouldn't want to be called a sanitary engineer or an environmental specialist rather than a trash collector or toilet swabber?

It looks like a lull in the news but don't be fooled. Those that make their living off this will soon wake up from their drug and alcohol induced nap for another round of banter to keep the masses mesmerized. After all what better things do we have to do? Got to keep up on things. It's a moral imperative. And praise to him who can dig out the nuggets of gold that no one else can find. "He who gets the scoop gets the bonus", Perry White. Good news is bad and bad news is good but I thought we got past 1984. This is the twenty first century which is slowly looking like the nineteenth.

So where do we go from here (he said looking into his crystal ball)? Barraged with yet more and more political ads touting how the opponent kicks puppies and will kill your grandmother should he/she get elected. And faster and faster with more and more until you'll delight in seeing even the dumbest of commercials for a feminine hygiene product as but a momentary break from the mud splattered airwaves. The new fall season starts but with the interruptions who needs it? And who are they trying to convince anyway? This election stuff has gone on so long only a hermit would not have made up his mind. No need to do the train whistle stop tours through the Appalachians because even they have internet now even if it's spotty at times.

Turn off tune out but pass a good word to a fellow traveler. We're all just monkeys on this rock.



BBC said...

This monkey is going camping next weekend, I think.

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm not so sure it's a lull in the news as much as what we're getting is stale. Look at how many "news" things are problems that have plagued and nagged at our lives for years. It's been 11 years since Bush ordered Afghanistan bombing and then sent our troops in (to let OBL slip through their fingers). Our troops are still there and apparently will be for nearly another two years. It's been five years since the economy began its tumble and large numbers of layoffs started. We're still dogged with all that.

Republicans, tea party or straight, libertarians and generic wing nuts are as asinine, backward, selfish, ignorant and arrogant as ever. Aren't we years past the time when the country's voters should've relegated the whole sorry lot of them to the sidelines for the indefinite future?

The weather has been screwed up for years. One year its flash floods and tornadoes, the next its drought in one area, endless months of unseasonably cold and wet here in the NW. It's always something obnoxious or destructive, and yet whatever the latest wrinkle, it seems like no time since that was the news the last time it happened.

Yes, political ads are marginally worse than the lame, repetitive Citi and GEICO commercials, among others. But only marginally.

There, now I feel slightly better. ;)

BBC: Have a good time. I hope the cold doesn't swoop in before then. We're having near-freezing or freezing overnight temps on this side of the mountains. Damn it.

The Blog Fodder said...

This is the twenty first century which is slowly looking like the nineteenth.

An astute observation. I keep thinking "The Age of Metternich". What goes around comes around.