Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mitt Romney is a liar

Telling us a story about a hard off woman on the campaign trail is just a load of bull. It was just two weeks ago he was calling such people leaches. So sorry pal I'm not buying your BS. As to your economic plan a fifth grader could figure that out as well. You've touted over and over again how you'd lower taxes by 20%. Well that works out to $5 trillion dollars and there isn't enough deductions in the world that would cover that even if you did eliminate all deductions on everybody. It's called simple arithmetic. But we know by Mitt's past dealings with Bain how that worked out in his favor. I've seen used car salesmen with more scruples. It's trickle down economics or Bush on steroids and we saw where that got us.
We have watched as the republican party since you beloved king Ronnie start dismantling the safety nets of this country. Those at the top never took a pay cut but the rest of us sure did. So now it's privatize everything even though that would cost us all more in taxes and costs. Your premise that private enterprise can do the job more efficiently is just not true. Why? Because they're in it for a profit and not to do it for cost.

So let's do a run down how you'd finish off the country.

ECONOMY - More tax cuts for people who don't need it thereby leaving the burden of the debt to the rest of us.

HEALTH CARE - Vouchers $5000 that wouldn't cover the cost thereby leaving the balance to the rest of us.

EDUCATION - Again Vouchers $1000 to pay for private schools. The problem. Schools haven't been that cheap since the 1930s and we already pay for schools through our property taxes.

And just why do you hate big bird? What did he ever do to you? I hope little Billy catches up to you on the campaign trail and kicks you right in the shin.

Facts may not matter to you but they very much matter to us. We are the 47% you call losers. Well I have a few words for you. You're nothing but a crook and a liar. You didn't create job one in this country and neither did your crony pals at Bain. You were a lousy governor leaving that state in bad shape when you left. Sorry Mr. etch - a sketch you didn't fool me. The radicals on the right will lead you around be the nose just like they've done all along. And I'll have no part of it. I just hope Obama will call you out on your lies the next debate.


S.W. Anderson said...

Well said throughout. I especially like that great comeback about Big Bird.

"Finish off the country," at least as we know it, is exactly what Romney would do. When he got through in Massachusetts, it was 47th out of 50 states in creating jobs. If he become president, the U.S. will be lucky if we're 47 in the world at creating jobs.

BBC said...

It's just a fucking media circus, he hasn't got a chance of winning office so just go camping or boating cuz life will go on.

S.W. Anderson said...

BBC, I thought that about George W. Bush in 2000. I thought it even more in 2004. I don't think "he hasn't got a chance" about Republican presidential candidates any more. Today's radicalized Republicans have gone so far 'round the bend, they would vote for Calvin Coolidge's cold, dead corpse for president and batcrap crazy Michelle Bachmann for V.P. if it was between them and any Democrat, no matter how moderate.

Tom Harper said...

McCain had Joe the Plumber, so Mitt had to conjure up "this poor woman who came up to me and grabbed my arm and said 'pleeeease help me'"