Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Captain! Afghan war ships approaching!

And now let's analyze the analysis of the breakdown of the analysis after the recap of the analysis.

Libya oh Libya sweet Libya. Unlike Mr. "We'll shoot first and ask questions later" the current admin. handled the initial situation with far greater expertise and execution. And surely a different outcome would have taken place had not the opposition party ruled against providing additional protection funds to the budget. After all can't have people protected unless it's one of their favorite sons on Wall Street. Forget the whales "save the derivatives"! And don't call me Shirley!

Initial reports.
Initial reports are on average 99% inaccurate in any given situation. And how dare Mr. Obama give the raw truth about the reports from the intelligence community. Doesn't he know what spin doctors are for? That's what happens Jimmy Olsen got to the scene ahead of everyone else. But lest we forget few today can handle walking and texting (used to be chewing gum in my day). Logic would dictate that the row was caused by the release of a certain offensive video and like all conclusion jumpers jumped both the shark and the gun. Like the town gossip and Chicken Little combined Mr. Raw Money just had to try and make hay where there was none. Never once was he sympathetic to the victims or the families when he rushed to try and score political points. But that's how "Princes" get to be princes Voltaire. Only the Bain of business was left with egg on his face even to the palmface amongst his own party when he thought he had a game changing zinger.

So at this point it looks like he tried to hold on by remaining in the clinches like a worn out fighter. Sorry Mitt you're no Rocky and if you recall he lost in the end anyway. Never before have we witnessed so many gaffes by one contender. He's starting to make Sarah Palin look good. And he's starting to look like a fighter who's taken one blow too many. He's forgotten that fixed bayonets are no match for IEDs and all the war ships in the world are no help in the desert. But such is the case when you're behind and looking for any edge in this match.


BBC said...

Why are we spending so much money in Pakistan?

BBC said...

Sarah Palin look good.

At least more fuckable.

Tom Harper said...

I hope Romney loses some votes because of last night's fiasco. The rightwing talking point is that Romney was reserved and dignified because he was so confident that he'll get elected.

Let's hope the voters disagree.

BBC said...

Romney can run again in four years.


Demeur said...

Why Pakistan? Because they have nukes and we're afraid they'll fall into the wrong hands.

Oh so that's the latest spin Tom? No I'd say he clung to Obama because he has no plan and he can't go back to the Bush policies because everybody in this country knows they were wrong.

Nope he'll land up like Sarah Palin only with no book tours. It's Ryan who wants to position himself for 2016.

Randal Graves said...

This is about that electo-gig, ain't it.