Sunday, October 21, 2012

Romneasia and Mitts' vision for America

Romneasia - The forgetting of years of facts and political positions for an attempt at political gain.

Nobody likes a hypocrite and nothing could be more hypocritical than what Romney said at the last debate about sending jobs overseas. Call it outsourcing. Call it off-shoring. Call it anything you like, the result is the same. We lose a lot of our jobs and a few "harvest" all the profits. It happened as Romney was telling the American public that he knew nothing about tax breaks for sending jobs over seas. All the while Sansata, an auto parts manufacturing company that was doing quite well (thanks to an Obama bail out) was busy training replacement workers for the plant in Illinois, Chinese workers.  The company which had made record profits the past two years was being closed and shipped to China. To add insult to injury the workers were made to train their replacements. I can only hope for two things in this matter. One that they didn't do a good job of training and two that nobody here buys their parts from now on, but I have little hope for either.

If we don't reevaluate our economic position in the world we won't have to fight a war, the Chinese will have won without having fired one shot. Regrettably I believe that the Chinese have taken our worldly economic strategy and used it to their advantage. All of this has happened over a period of less than 40 years when somebody got the idea that they could make a ton of money by selling products to the Chinese. Ping pong diplomacy I believe it was called but our opponents were far better at learning the game. With cheap labor and an undervalued currency they set about to conquer the world and it looks like they'll win. But then you have the folks like Romney who wanted a taste of the action. What better way than to back a business partner who's only goal was the bottom line and how much money they could line their pockets with. And there's no way to stop it at least until the customers make so little that they can't afford the product. Even Henry Ford realized that.

Be weary of the person who's only goal is to make himself and his close friends wealthier at the detriment of all others. The workers at that plant were making $17 an hour on average when it changed hands. Not exactly a set for life position but a half way decent living. They had benefits and retirement when they worked there but not now. They were replaced by chinese workers making 99 cents an hour. And who will pay the price when our American workers can't afford to see a doctor or even be able to retire now? It won't be the Romneys' of the world. That bill will be sent to the rest of us.

Mitts' vision for America will be akin to Somalia only it won't be guns and bullets it'll be pens and contracts that will force the populace into dire straits. But fear not folks every dog has his day as the expression goes. At some point I see the man and his web of deceits coming back to haunt himself. At some point Karma will catch up to him and he'll land up shooting himself in the foot with his business dealings.

For another posting coming to a blog near you we'll discuss a malady defined by Princeton professor Michael Eric Dyson know as "Ryanopia".


BBC said...

You know, polls are bullshit, they don't know what is going on, it just gives them something to do.

It's over for me anyway, filled out my ballet yesterday and will take it to the courthouse tomorrow.

I think the business people will have things made where they want to have them made and there isn't much any president can do about it and all the babbling about jobs by them is just bullshit.

I don't think Harbor Freight sells anything made here, so it goes. On the bright side my gun powder is made here, except for the powder that is made in Sweden.

Tom Harper said...

Ryanopia: the uncontrollable urge to barge into a soup kitchen, elbow your way past all the volunteers, and start washing dishes that are already clean.

BBC said...


Demeur said...

Swedish powder? Oo la la. Hot stuff eh?

How long do you think he'd last as a dishwasher at McDonalds? Seeing as how they have no dishes to wash.

S.W. Anderson said...

One of Bill Clinton's two really big, really bad policy mistakes was assuming that if we threw the door to free trade wide open, U.S. businesses would be delighted to compete with foreign producers, selling products made here into newly opened markets overseas. What U.S. businesses were delighted to do was trade well-paid American employees for dirt-cheap foreign employees. They were also giddy at the prospect of trading relatively high rents and taxes here for dirt-cheap rents and little or no taxes over there. Clinton should have seen that coming. Others tried to warn him.

Anyone, even a president, can screw up. What burns me is that Clinton still insists he got it right. He should have to spend a year or two working in the Sensata plant, 12 or 16 hours a day, one day off a month, for 90 cents a day. So should Mitt Romney.

Roger Owen Green said...

The soup kitchen is suffering retaliation because they've embarrassed Ryan. Harassing phone calls, nasty comments on social media, and worse, a drop in contributions. (If I could figure out how to search my Facebook timeline, I'd find a link to contribute to them.)

Roger Owen Green said...

The pushback against the Paul Ryan kitchen help pushback.