Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An o'rderve while we wait?

While we wait for the bird to roast in its' succulent juices and the smells waft over the the sounds of T'day parades and grid iron action, I'll focus but a bit of attention on some of the antiquated laws bestowed on us by our puritan ancestors, Sundays were always somewhat weird to me as a kid. I grew up in a state with "blue laws". I've heard of blue jokes, blue movies, blue balls, but laws!? And why blue? Sounds to me like they should be called "red" as in stop. I can't even understand why New England clutches dearly to these outdated traditions. Is this not the 21st century? And what after all do they think they are trying to stop? In that area of the country it's no feat to get in your car and drive to another state and do business or buy booze. And of course there's the internet and overnight mail services. No, as it's occurred to me no law or ordinance can prevent anyone from doing or not doing anything. Slow it down maybe. What ever happened to majority rule because these laws were enacted at a time when most were of the northern european dyed in the wool uptight christians who had little better than impose their will on everybody? That's no longer the case. We're now a mix that would put a Heinze 57 mutt to shame.

So while the rest of the country moves slowly to the left a few die hard traditionalists clutch to a bygone era when men were men and women wore long dresses and corsets. Men had the fun of the hunt for the turkey while women got stuck cleaning the dirty fowl. And where is the gain when we've lost the patience to wait? Used to be the latest new fangled food item was so fast it would be ready in 20 minutes. A stark comparison to the days of old when the colonial wife took days to prepare a feast but never as fast as has been deemed necessary in this supersonic age. After the invention of the microwave oven we can only speculate the next incarnation of culinary magic. Visions of large injection tubes of precooked over processed genetically modified food stuffs oozing into our gullets come to mind. Forget nutritional value or taste this is an accountants' wet dream. Three easily attained ingredients of fat salt and sugar with of course artificial flavorings make for a happy bottom line and bloated waistlines.

Humm maybe there ought to be a law against that!

The bird isn't done yet so come back later...


BBC said...

Christians have to have laws so they can break them.

BBC said...

Interesting post by REFUGE CREEK.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Three easily attained ingredients of fat salt and sugar with of course artificial flavorings . . ."

Careful, you're hitting on the real American food pyramid there. Except you left out the all-important starch component.

I remember blue laws where I grew up. About the only stores in town open on Sunday were drug stores and a couple of places that sold newspapers, magazines, tobacco products, candy and such. If you wanted to buy some groceries, a can of paint, an appliance, etc., you had to wait until Monday.

Also when I was a kid, Swanson came out with TV dinners. A turkey dinner cooked in the oven in about 35 minutes, as I recall. That seemed very fast. The novelty and convenience sold a lot of them. I thought their turkey dinners were pretty good, but of course nothing like my mom's Thanksgiving turkey dinner. She was a very good cook, and especially good with roast turkey and chicken.

Demeur, BBC, hope you and yours have a very nice Thanksgiving, with turkey and all the trimmings. Or, with whatever you're having.

Anonymous said...

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The Blog Fodder said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Demeur, BBC and all your readers.

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