Thursday, November 29, 2012

News you can't use

Some scientists in our state have come to the brilliant conclusion that maybe we should stop dumping CO2 into the atmosphere in an effort to prevent the waterways here from becoming acidic and killing all the creatures that live there. I applaud their efforts. Our governor has just allocated $3 million dollars to the idea but I have to say it's a drop in the ocean considering all the bodies of water we have here.

 Speaking of clean ups (like my segue) the guys at Chernoybl are busy putting the finishing touches on the first section of a containment dome of the failed nuclear reactor.

Project officials on Tuesday hailed the raising as a significant step in a complex effort to clean up the consequences of the 1986 explosion, the world's worst nuclear accident. Upon completion, the shelter will be moved on tracks over the building containing the destroyed reactor, allowing work to begin on dismantling the reactor and disposing of radioactive waste.

My comment: They may be able to dismantle the reactor but there's no real way of disposing of it. The contamination goes with whatever they rip apart. You can contain something like that but never neutralize it. It's the reason Hanford, Wa. can never really be "cleaned up" either. Fear not though mother nature will eventually remedy the problem (in about 10,000 years!).

The least influential people. There's a trick question. I guess for me it would be any of the republican primary candidates although to their credit they did provide a lot of material (cannon fodder) for many blog posts and late night talk show jokes. I also noticed that the Palins and Bachmanns are keeping their mouths shut of late. Nothing like something akin to a touchdown to silence this crowd. Now if we can just make it a run away game. 

We see BP is now not permitted any more drilling contracts here in the U.S. Fear not those oil leases will just go to the next outfit in line. And was a plan put in place to deal with future massive spills? Of course not! They just ordered more absorbent pads because after all we need to protect those walruses in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lastly we have a mega ultra what would you do with it if you had it Powerball lottery at a half a billion dollars. To which I say I'll bet you $10,000 you don't win it. Nothing like peeing your dreams eh?


BBC said...

I knew damn good and well I wasn't going to win it cuz I didn't buy a ticket.

Demeur said...

Well then you're $2 richer now.

The Blog Fodder said...

I used to buy tickets on our 6/49 lottery when they were over $10 million. Anything under that is just a waste if you win.