Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random equine thoughts

Not to beat a dead horse but... Okay then we'll beat the old nag again.

As the republicon party once again licks it wounds from the shellacking it got the other night it might want to go over what it's said the last several months. From the vitriol primaries where they used every dog whistle to their mouth breathing base to the feeble attempt at etch - a sketching a path from the crime scene they neatly left out the "Job Creators" er make that financial backers during their tirades against what they called "the moochers" of this land. And no one was left unscathed in their remarks. It was like watching a criminal blame the cop for his actions.  And yes even police and firefighters were on their list of excuses when it was they who disabled the alarm, broke into the treasury and made off with a generation of wealth. What they fail to see is the demographic shift this country is taking. No more a majority right handed white man's land but a proverbial vegetable soup all stirred up with cultures and skin tones from the world over makes up the masses now.

What they fail to see is that you can't come to this party and insult the hosts for it is us the American public who host this party every four years. The other issue long forgotten is that we are the employer not them. They work for us and not the other way around. This has become more of a coronation than a job interview. Perhaps the wrong image, more like a circus wanting to take over your house and financial affairs.

Where we go from here is anyone's guess. Will they cave and finally agree to any shred of common sense or continue on a path of childish stubbornness? It was truly laughable when Trump suggested revolution. He seems to have forgotten who loses their heads at the beginning of turmoil. It's not the axe wielding former homeowner who lost everything. And I think this is the last time you can they can try and fool the masses. Blaming the victims is not going to fly from here on out. The emperor is naked now and we all know it. There's no more tricks to instill self loathing in your Rovian magic bag. So knock it off and get to work you've wasted enough time and money while the rest of us suffer. Okay I guess it's time to bury the horse and dump the riding crop.


The Blog Fodder said...

They will double down and you know it. There are many ways to win a horse race.

Randal Graves said...

New headless same as the old headless. Trust no one.

BBC said...

I think we should blow the horse up.

Demeur said...

Just need to think of new ways to cheat Fodder.

Who trusts anybody anymore? And don't forget to donate to my dead horse fund.

They tried that with a whale down in Oregon some years back. Not a pretty sight.

harry said...

Better get to butcherin' Old Dobbins there, liable to be needin' the meat; the hide and hoves too.

harry said...

Damn nit Mr DeMeur,I thought I was up behind Cookie.

S.W. Anderson said...

Republicans aren't likely to change their ways. They're locked in. To get money they must serve their wealthy donors and the corporations. To keep the South, they must continue their war against women, gays, immigrants, minorities, etc. They're also locked in by their ideological rigidity and the closed loop of "news" and commentators who tell them things in line with their attitude and ideology

Maybe charismatic leader will emerge to lead them in a better direction some day. I think it will be awhile, though.