Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The end is near

But it can't come soon enough. If I hear Romney or Obama (make that Oromney or Robama) I think I'm going to puke. That little crying girl is right, this thing has gone on too long. Forget term limits we need election limits along with a spending cap like some of the sports. At this point I care less about somebody's dirty laundry. Just get it over with would you? Mommy make them stop! Let's just make it a cage match next cycle, short and sweet, no holds barred. That just might keep everybody's gnat sized attention span. An ultimate debate pay per view with no censors might get massive ratings the likes this nation has never seen. Can't afford it? Kick in a buck and watch it at a local bar. Bring it out into the open with N-words flying and dirty white Mormon underwear. "I'll show you my birth certificate when you show me your lying tax returns ya cheater!". Could be quite interesting, just don't forget to put the kiddies to bed before it started. A gloves off bare knuckle "let's get ready to rumble" event just might shake up some sleepy heads. Who said civics couldn't be interesting?

Okay okay enough of this. Now get back to work because us 47% low lying couch setting moochers need more Cheetos. Just overlook the fact that we worked 35 or 40 years and got thrown out on our ear without so much as a thank you. And a good day to you sir.

We now return you to your mundane life. Thanks for watching. Tune in tomorrow for another not so exciting adventure.


The Blog Fodder said...

I kind of liked the old test pattern. Restful.

Tom Harper said...

I like your idea of a no-holds-barred cage fight between the 2 candidates. Judging by their body language, especially in that second debate, they were ready to start slugging and body slamming each other.

S.W. Anderson said...

As Republicans and tea partyers pursue their anything-to-win approach to politics, taking it to greater lengths every election cycle, what you suggest could become a reality all too soon. A few more James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart types, and the whole thing could degenerate into overtly criminal behavior before long.

Randal Graves said...

A billion bucks wasted that could have provided every American man, woman, and child with at least three healthy-sized onion rings dozens of times over.

Demeur said...

We never see test patterns here anymore. Like the elections the TV never quits at night.

Tom it'd be the caped crusader against Mr. Potter.

S.W. Degenerate? It's already a crime.

Chips no onion rings, Pepsi no Coke. Maybe we can still afford the Cheebergee.