Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election hangover

It's almost official with the election results in and being set for the final tally (and you thought I wouldn't speak of politics) with some less than expected results. Seems you may now be able to take on a bride or groom even if you're the bride or groom. Does make for some awkward moments as in which are you the husband or the wife? Reminds me of a prison joke but I'll be nice and won't go there.

Another initiative makes it legal to get high in this state. As for me I could care less what you do in the comfort of your own castle but get behind the wheel of a car and it's a different story. This will present some sticky legal issues and I'm not talking about the resins at the bottom of the pot pipe here either. Nobody thought about how to determine impaired driving as the THC remains in in your system for a couple of days and there is no instant breath test. It's bad enough we have idiots who think they can tweet their boyfriends while behind the wheel now this. The roads just got very dangerous. And be careful at the 7-11 when munchy time hits there could be a stampede. Who will have the nerve to open a pot shop with the Feds looking over your shoulder?

Another brilliant initiative to pass here makes it impossible for our state legislature to pass a tax hike without a 2/3 majority. You may think that's a wonderful thing but it now leaves only one alternative to balancing the state budget and that's spending cuts. Anyone paying attention to our states situation knows that the legislature just hacked a whole bunch of money out of the budget and it's still far from balanced. Add to that the fact that our educational system has been underfunded (a constitutional requirement) for some years and you begin to see the problem. So without being able to raise taxes and spending cut beyond the bone the only other alternative would be to raise fees. Hum? That would be things like hunting and fishing licenses. And who are the ones most apt to use them? Wouldn't be the gun tote'n fishing pole slinging pick up driven republicans now would it? I snicker as it looks like they just shot themselves in the foot once again.

I'd post a photo here but it's impossible to find image a gun tote'n fishing pole slinging gay republican. A shot of big foot would be easier to find.  


Tom Harper said...

I don't think stoned driving is as dangerous as drunk driving or texting while driving. Come to think of it, though, going 30 mph in the fast lane -- and you think you're going 130 -- might have its hazards.

The Blog Fodder said...

California has that same stupid law about the 2/3 majority and it is killing the state.

BBC said...

I was camping overnight, I've never watched election results. You know, we have news whores to over analyze things for us.

I'll tell you where we are going to be in a year, wherever the fuck we are at.

I will say this, it would be okay if it took a 2/3 majority if it could tax the rich some more. On the other hand, they just hand their share down to us.

I'm still in favor of a fixed rate.

pygalgia said...

Winning elections is fun! We should do it more often.