Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I call your bluff

While the republicans are busy back peddling from their anti tax positions take heart all you tea baggers out there. Their focus hasn't shifted gears from what Romney said during the campaign. And as we all know when you peddle a new bike backwards it doesn't go anywhere. It only coasts. Their "new" plan is the same as the old plan which is to eliminate as many write off for the working class as they can while little change for the "job creators". That will be off the table or more aptly put buried in some back room deal. We've seen that little tactic before once too often.

On a state level it's as if there was no election as republicans forge ahead with their plans to eliminate abortions and suppress voting rights. A couple of bills in state legislatures were just brought forward to do just that. These people don't seem to learn a thing. First they propose ideas that were rejected by the bulk of the american people. Then when that didn't work they neatly cloaked their plan by saying "we'll tell you the details later after we're in office". Only a fool would vote for such a snake oil salesman but I guess we have a whole lot of fools left in this land. If they think that they could have won by being more conservative they'd better think again. This nation is going through a demographic shift like never seen before in our history with an influx from south of the border and elsewhere. My guess is that the next deluge of immigrants will be from the middle east and it will do a party no good to alienate them when they get here if you want their votes.

By all calculations the dying crop of old white anglo men is dying faster than May flies. It will do little good to pander to their needs. It's not the style of the message either, it's the very principles which nobody likes. Package it anyway you like. A big bag of manure is still a big bag of manure. Tie a pretty red ribbon on it and you still won't get any takers. No, this party is about to fade into the sunset unless it actually changes drastically and decides to compromise.

But it's a win win for the Democrats. You see if our budget isn't passed and we do go off this fiscal bluff (after all it is nothing more than a bluff) then for a brief period things will stop. It happened before when Clinton called their bluff during his term (bet you forgot that because it didn't last long). Back then the government was shut down for a few days until constituents howled and that was when republicans lost congressional seats. Want to try it again? Go ahead and see what happens.

Was busy today fixing other people's problems. I'm like that you know.


BBC said...

I'm just trying to enjoy the freak show the best I can. I guess the checks and balances system sort of works.

BBC said...

Hey, no worries, there will be more women in congress next year so things will start getting better.


Randal Graves said...

Cliff Burton for pretzeldent.

Tom Harper said...

The Republicans have it under control. They'll just keep passing stricter and stricter voter ID laws, and when the Supreme Court overturns that commie Voting Rights Act, it'll be clear sailing. No need to keep trying to con low income and minority voters into voting against their own interests; it's much easier to just not let them vote.

BBC said...

It's going to be a fine fucking Thursday, yes? Well, other than this fucking rain.

The Blog Fodder said...

Get rid of the mortgage interest deduction and see the prices of houses fall. There is NO saving to anyone buying a house as the savings are passed on to the seller in higher prices. That is a no brainer. Then tax gasoline to about $5 per gallon. Another no brainer. And move the tax brackets for the rich back up almost to Eisenhower days and same for inheritance tax. Put a per dollar transaction tax on some of Wall Street's goofy shenanigans and DC will have so much money they can pay off the debt and finance a few more wars to spread freedom and democracy to the great unwashed.