Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Generals and the scandals that weren't

The right wing is running around like a chicken with its' head cut off crying foul (pun intended) while Lame Stream Media is making this out to be something close to the Nuremberg trials but the truth has already been out there if anyone was actually paid attention. If you actually paid attention to what Joe Biden said during the vice presidential debate you would know that what the White House knew at the time of the Benghazi attacks was nothing to lose your head over. The initial reports were that the attack was connected to a protest. That information later turned out to be untrue but when information and speculation are passed up the chain of command that's what usually happens. Especially if the initial reports were from the military. The enemy casualty figures from Vietnam became inflated as they were passed from one desk to another because after all what's the difference when adding a casualty or two to the figures when nobody could check. In this case it would have followed logic of a protest gone ugly.

As for Petraeus I don't think he betrayed us in this little non melodrama. He may have brought about a bit of embarrassment to the outfits he served but no laws were broken and he did the right thing to resign. Had this been a Bush appointee it would have been buried on the back pages of the NY Times. But I'm sure the tin foil hat brigade will not let this one go because they have nothing better to do now that they lost the elections. No we don't need some blue ribbon committee to look into the matter and waste more tax dollars because as was mentioned no laws were broken and no security breeched. Even the FBI said as much.

You will also note that the other side of the aisle never gives up and steps down even when caught in unethical behavior. It wasn't until Craig was forced out by his own party while Ensign clung on until the very last. And there's no mention of the floozies who'd spread em at the drop of a hat. In Petraeus' case it looks like there were two fighting for his attention but again that is only a logical guess from the information we have. Not that I'd bother to look into the matter further because I could care less who is "embedded" with whom. It's all idol gossip.

I'm almost certain that the military has its' share of problems in dealing with hormone laden troops and that applies both male and female. The stories I've heard coming from the military would make for some interesting cable reality shows but they really don't run anything X rated now do they?

So save your breath and focus on what's really important. This has become the biggest smoke screen to take our attention off the real problems we face like jobs and how to feed the face before the whole thing collapses. And that's all I'll say about all this.  


BBC said...

What, no graphic or picture?

BBC said...

I haven't been following the Petraeus case that closely, that crap has been going on forever and never had any effect on my personal life so why should I care who who he is screwing.

Demeur said...

It doesn't effect the price of tea in China so I don't care either, but I needed something to write about today.

Randal Graves said...

High-level bunga-bunga, old in the time of the Roman republic. Tea seems a bit more expensive than it used to be. I blame Zombie Mao.