Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The news that isn't making the news

Massive general strike floods across Europe as workers take to the streets. 

Lame Stream Media has neatly scrubbed the bulk of this story from the front pages and yet it's far more important than some generals playing slap and tickle, something that should be relegated to the tabloids, but I guess that's where the right gets its' strategies and tactics.
On Wednesday November 14 literally millions took to the streets to protest wage cuts, cuts to pensions and the raising of taxes on those who could least afford it. Furor was added to the anger when a woman in the process of eviction jumped to her death in Spain. With a youth unemployment rate of over 50% in the country and banks getting a bail out with no future in sight is it any wonder frustrations have come to a head. What we're witnessing in Spain has already begun in Greece with their country facing years more of recession. But what was truly shocking was a comment by a central bank representative Olli Rehn who said the cuts were not enough to bring economic stability, that more were needed. Maybe he'd like to suck the marrow off our dead bones.

It's just a matter of time before the UK, France and Germany get sucked into this debt black hole as they have skin in this game. Remember they are part of the IMF and the central bank who made these bail out loans. When nobody can pay they too will be faced with deficits and debt they can't pay. Maybe that will be a good thing though. Maybe they'll come to realize the mess they've created and we can all start to write off this massive burden and start anew.

What is apparent is that this story is not making it to the main stream media. We witnessed the effects through the markets today. Some would blame this on Israel's attack on Gaza but that is only a minor thing that happens quite often and rarely gets covered. Instability in Europe is a far bigger deal when there so much financial paper spread throughout the continent. Nothing scares a trader more than instability in a country but in this case it's many countries and spreading fast now.


Tom Harper said...

This European crisis proves what conservatives have been trying to tell us: Socialism has never worked :)

BBC said...

Chaos is interesting, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. May you live in interesting times when you are old and can enjoy taking pot shots at others to keep them alert.

S.W. Anderson said...

I think the media have concluded that reporting extensively on the economic woes of these European countries is a lot like getting all wrought up about death and taxes. You can do that, but most people don't want to hear about it. And, it won't make any difference in the outcome anyway. As they used to say in old Europe, qué será, será.

Demeur said...

Socialism works just fine if you leave the vulture bankers out of the mix.

Unfortunately I'm not in quite the comfortable position to sit here and take pot shots at anybody.

Sadly SW if we let this Mexican standoff last long enough then we'll get caught in the crossfire. The tidal wave of shit could be coming our way very soon. Lest we forget Europe is one of our largest trading partners. China is slowing down as well.

Randal Graves said...

The only time Murkans were kinda sorta mad on a daily basis was when gas started creeping towards five bucks a gallon. So once this hits here, you'll actually see a few dozen of our fellow citizens hit the street.

BBC said...

I may be interested in hearing what your version of socialism would be.