Sunday, December 9, 2012


Monkey seen wondering around an Ikea store in a designer coat. Humm now I know where the republicans shop.

Speaking of which I may have found the cause.

Could microscopic parasites have the ability to take control of a human being? Scientists are starting to think so.   

So this explains republicanism! It all fits. The symptoms:
Lack of empathy.
No self preservation instinct
Less altruistic
Lack of fear
Non diplomatic
May cause or increase schizophrenia

Now if we could only find a cure.


BBC said...

I'm not fond of either party.

It's going to be a fine Monday, yes?

BBC said...


Roger Owen Green said...

Somehow, a commercial for a dog food called Ken-L Ration came to mind:

My God's bigger than your God
My God's bigger than yours
My God's bigger 'cause it has better bombs
My God's bigger than yours.

BBC said...

God is busy with booze and loose women in Las Vegas so forget him.

No point in worrying about anything, next year there will be more women in congress and things will start getting better.


Demeur said...

I hope it'll be a dry day Billy. Got things to do outside. Give that first gal 30 years and see what she looks like.

So which god comes out the winner Roger?

But Billy we don't need pink fighter jets.

BBC said...

Weather report I looked at shows it dryer tomorrow. So tomorrow I'll go out to Granny's and see why Terry's cleat track hasn't got any spark.

Demeur said...

Probably a bad plug wire or worn out started or did he forget to put diesel in it?

BBC said...

It's an old gas rig, early 50's, had the magneto rebuilt last year but that doesn't mean it stayed fixed.

If it was mine I'd put a GM four cylinder HEI distributor on it.

Ole Phat Stu said...

There was an SF story (aka conspiracy theory) about genes being really in control and using us as hosts to ensure their evolving survival [citation needed].

Demeur said...

Yeah that'd be a good one Billy. Now if you'll excuse me must get something done today.

Stu it's probably the Gene ultimate fighting take down. We need to sell tickets. :-)