Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stick a fork in it it's done

Interesting news day yesterday. So much going on that I didn't post. Some up front in your face issues that of course made the top of the top headline news. Some obscure items just as important that never saw the light of day.

An activist group called Comer is suing the government over the fact that it shifted its' central federal financial system to private corporations. The framework for this started in 1974 when the country joined with the G8. It was a requirement to join. In essence Canada sold out it's sovereignty. The Bank of Canada gives very low interest loans to private banks and corporations who in turn loan the money to Canadians at high interest rates. Prior to 1974 all loans made by the government went for things like building the highways and railroads and the funds went back with interest into the countries coffers. All of this privatization is against their constitution.

With a referendum fast approaching on their newly written constitution protesters took to the streets in mass. Anti presidential protesters clashed with the Muslim Brotherhood who support their newly elected president Morsi. Morsi in essence gave himself ultimate powers over the country and now appears to be the new dictator. But not if the protesters have their way. It was reported that several of his ministers resigned. From a broad perspective this is looking much like the 21st century at odds with the 13th century. But one has to wonder if there wasn't some outside assistance in these riots as the country has shifted from secular to Islamic.

The fighting is getting very intense as the FSA has gained ground in cities like Alepo and Damascus. It has been rumored that chemical weapons have been rolled out and are being readied for use. I seriously doubt that these weapons will be used especially in an urban area. First they are difficult to control. Changing wind conditions can render them useless and as scary as they may seem it is easy to protect oneself from their effects. It was also reported that more have defected from Assads' army.

Our U.S. congress
Once again no deal much less even talks about the budget. So I think it's a given that this country will go off the cliff. Congress has after all only three days to hammer out an agreement and they aren't even talking. There is also the issue of the debt ceiling something Obama said he would not negotiate on (Homey don't play that game!). If that's the case and no deal is reached I hope he's prepared to institute the 14th amendment which says basically that the bills must be paid even if the president has to do it by executive order.

So this should be an interesting three or four weeks as we sit here watching the world implode. Film at 11.


BBC said...

So if we fall off some kind of cliff I wonder how that is going to effect me. Just to be on the safe side I'd better pick up a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps.

BBC said...

The government appears to be planning on spending money on projects it doesn't have, wanna explain that to us?

Randal Graves said...

Apparently, Canada forgot that it's just a piece of paper.

Demeur said...

Since when didn't our government spend money it didn't have? Answer me that one.

Canada must be real. It has maple syrup and hockey players... right?

BBC said...

BILLY P said you don't know shit about banks, waddadaya think of those beans?

Tom Harper said...

mmm, that looks like a tasty meal in that picture. I have a fork if you've got some curry spices to stir in.