Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good grief

Gunman kills 2 in Oregon mall on Tuesday
Elementary school shooting on Friday with 26 dead.

Birmingham Alabama hospital shooting 2 injured gunman shot dead Sat.
Police had a busy day in Alabama as they shot and killed two other gunmen one of which had killed three more in a mobile home park earlier in the day. Sat.

Las Vegas  - Employee shot and killed gunman kills self  Sat. 

California mall - man fires 50 rounds before being captured no injuries Sat. 

So what does Michigan do? It passes a law to permit the carrying of guns in once restricted places like schools, churches, day cares and stadiums. Just what ya need at a day care right? After all those toddlers just might be packin heat ya never know. And let's see what an angry soccer mom has to say when she's looking down a barrel of a 45 automatic. Back to your seat lady. Unless of course she's packin too. Then it'll start to look like the shoot out at the O K corral.

Once you had to do the duck and cover drill for a possible atom bomb attack. Now it's a duck and cover for a deranged gunman. I think we know which has the better odds of happening. Forget the terrorists. We have seen the enemy and it's us. But it's really all about the attitude in this country. Somehow we've gotten it into our thick heads that brute force always wins the argument right or wrong. It's been drilled into our heads from TV and movies as well as our own politicians. A fist fight turns into a knife fight that turned into a gun fight that turns into a war with bigger and bigger weapons. It's gotten to the point that we're more adept at killing people than fixing any appliance or healing a sick person. Sorry but I'm not buying into a Klingon culture (you know the warrior race from Star Trek). We have not been taught negotiating skills and we're so lazy that we wouldn't bother to get up off the couch to change the channels anymore. Why would we think of the effort when the click of a remote button or a squeeze of a trigger is so much easier?

And as I said in the earlier post this isn't going to get better any time soon. There's a percentage of the population that's bordering on the edge and it's not looking like it's taking very much of a push to get things rolling. 

What's the solution? Well for starters the Brady bill being reinstated might do a bit of good. It ended the ownership of assault rifles at least for a time. It also required a background check at all gun outlets including shows. It's not the end all but it is a start. But over all the attitudes must change. We have after all the distinction of having the most gun deaths of any industrialized nation.


Roger Owen Green said...

sorry, that makes too much sense

BBC said...

Me thinks it's too late to 'fix' anything. But I don' have an issue with trying to ban assault rifles, not that I think it will do any good. I don't have one and don't want one but that's just me.

I don't understand those that go out and shoot a bunch of people, most of whom they don't even know, what is with that?

I just keep a few guns for my own personal protection (or hunting if I have to resort to that), it's a sick fucking planet. With any luck I'll never have to use one in that fashion.

BBC said...

You know, I know a lot of people that have guns, damn near everyone I know has guns. Some like to collect them, and some like to shoot them some, most of them have guns simply for personal protection, even a lot of the women I know have guns.

Interestingly, not a one of us pack a gun around all the time, in fact it's damn seldom that we pack one with us.

Meaning if we ever need a damn gun it's not going to be handy because it's on the nightstand or in the glove box.

BBC said...

Today's Pardon My Planet cartoon is cute, prisons are about the only places they have good gun control.

BBC said...

I'm sitting here thinking that if governments didn't allow gun manufactures to make certain guns they wouldn't be on any markets and people wouldn't be thinking they have the right to own them.

Yup it may help to just nip the problem in the bud that way.

BBC said...

That of course wouldn't stop some of them from showing up. Guy's in their backyards in the Philippines are making M1911's from scrap metal. But at least that isn't mass producing.

Demeur said...

I can't think of anybody in our neighborhood that owned a gun when I was growing up. Now there's people who could arm a small militia. I'd bet the bulk of these guns aren't even fired but collect dust on the night stand. And it's a fact that most gun deaths are by family members.

Also I think we need to grow up emotionally as a nation. It seems as if we've let a bunch of childish people have guns. Availability is also another issue. When they're so easy to get they're more apt to be used.

BBC said...

Where I grew up everyone had guns, even many of the teenagers.

The real problem as I see it is that there is a lot of mental illness in this country.

Not that I think it's any worse than in any other country on this rock.

BBC said...

A teen friend pulled a gun on me one day, just fucking with me, but it's not a nice feeling.

About ten years later he killed himself.

harry said...

Looks like Earls momma was a fucking whackjob. A fucking machine-gun fer krisakes?

Holy fuck.

They'll be coming out of the woodwork now.

The Blog Fodder said...

Pretty simple. The nutbags think Obama will take away their guns. Well, it is time he did. Confiscate all pistols except for designated people like cops and bank guards and everything semi-automatic or worse. People want to hunt, no problem but no clips over 5 shots.
Set up walk through airport type screenings everywhere and make people walk through them. Lift their iron.
No more purchases of anything through gunshows, mail or internet.
Outlaw manufacture of anything people aren't supposed to have.
It ain't going to happen because you folks got to have your "freedom".

BBC said...

Blog Fodder made one good point. It’s easier to control a gun factory than it is to track and control all the guns after they are made.

Randal Graves said...

I want my Death Ray, dammit.

BBC said...

I'll trade you my Death Ray for a good 30-30 lever action.

Demeur said...

Lasers aren't as expensive as you might think. It's just the power source that's the problem.

BBC said...

Yeah, I can't afford to operate my lazer.