Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You little rascals can't fool me

Amazing what they'll try to scam you with these days.

Okay we've all gotten our fair share of viagra and weight loss email spam. And yes I'm even getting some Australian outfit spamming my comments at times ( I think they sell shoes or something). But the latest incarnations in the inbox are getting very creative. We have:

Rejection of your tax appeal (Interesting seeing as how I've never had trouble with the IRS...ever)
Re: Scan from a Xerox W. Pro # xxxx  (sorry I ordered nothing from you guys and I don't do Windows)
Re: Leslee - Copies of policies (what policies? Mine are in the file cabinet )
Re: End of Aug. Stat. Required  (Sorry I'm not a mathematician statistically speaking)
Re: Wire transfer (Oh I'll take that just put it in my Swiss account)
RE: Wire Transfer cancelled (Darn I knew it was too good to be true)
Fwd: Changelog New (I like the old log just fine thank you)

Lastly we have Gretta Lauren wanting to sell me penis enlargement pills. Gee Gretta I didn't think it was that small.

But there's one more issue to be dealt with here. Some sneaky bums are using blogger names in their addresses. Nice try guys but we gotcha.


The Blog Fodder said...

I love the "Nigerian" scam emails. I am waiting for one from Winnie Mandela before I respond though.

Ranch Chimp said...

Most of the email I get is just political group's asking to donate to this or that, or junk stuff, much I dont even open or view, just trash it. As far as the Viagra stuff, I never used it, so I dont use that either. As far as the big/ small dick thing, I prefer large dick's myself (just kiddin Guy : ). But funny thing it remind's me, is all the gal's I talked to over the year's who want to make's their breast's big. A friend for example, Tess who is I think 41 now, I met when she was 18 and was a Lowrider fashion model, she look's great, tall, slender, runway look's, and foxy as Hell. But recently she asked me if I think that breast enlargement deal's are safe or not? she wanted to enlarge her breast's because some guy she dated said her titties were too small ... I said Geeezzz Tess ... you titties are perfect, some gal's would love to even have your figure period! (she has them lil teardrop type's), but yeah, this guy's comment's made her sensitive I reckon, but to each their own as far as size, I dont like titties too big myself, the whole saggy huge thing is not very appealing to me.

TRUR STORY 4 fun here ... I met some chick year's back in Florida, a one nighter type deal, anywayz ... her titties were so bloody big, that when she got on top of me during sex and started riding me, these damn thing's were swinging back and forth like bowling ball's in a sack, knocking the shit out of me, hitting me in the face/ head, and she was wild, bucking like a goddamn horse! Geeezz ... I couldnt wait for it to be over : )

BBC said...

Fuck, after reading Ranch Chimp's comment I forgot what I was going to say.

S.W. Anderson said...

Eh, seems the rascals aren't all little. :)

Randal Graves said...

Wheeep wowwwwww.

Demeur said...

Winnie Mandella is she still with us?

Lol RC you're too much. Next it'll be the man eating vagina.

Billy you with a lack for words?

Man beaten to death with boobs. What a way to go.