Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's gold you fools!

Somewhat like watching a dog chase it's tail we see the gold rush (not exactly in that much of a hurry though) of the 21st century. Somebody forgot to read their history there. If they had they'd realize that all but a handful went bust trying to seek the elusive element. But that never stops a body with "the fever" with a stern look of determination for a rages to riches dream that any sane person would laugh hysterically at in a Klondike minute. Paying off a second mortgage on the family home will seem like a trip to the dollar store when papa comes home lightin smokes with hundred dollar bills. That's the drunkards' dream talking and not reality. But fools are destined never to study their history. It was such a boring class. More fun to imagine Mary Sue naked or what the boys were going to do Friday night after the big game. Can't let that stop a fool that's got a mid life itch and a hope for an encore performance of post pubescent glory ... ah remember those days? How hard could it all be? I mean digging some dirt that is. Should be able to strike it rich and be back before Easter's Sunday Service right? But reality soon sets in when the "miners" realize that gold may be abundant but it costs so much because it's not that easy to extract and there are no guarantees it's there in the first place. Tougher men have been brought to tears with dreams dashed on the rocks of reality. Yes we guys do get some wild ideas but it's only a testosterone rush with thoughts of lounging on a sandy beach, a drink in hand and a buxom blonde by the side. Just one more shot of fantasy back in the days at the end of the game when the quarterback reared back chucked the Hail Mary and there you were open in the end zone. But now it's "crap am I getting a bald spot" and "how come these jeans done fit anymore?" "Yeah I could probably beat you at the hundred yard dash." Ha who are you kidding? You get winded walking up two flights of steps and your mustache is turning gray. Body parts are sagging in places you never thought they could and you tell your kids to turn up the volume because you can 't hear it. Let's face it we all land up blind deaf and stupid after mother nature's had her way with us. But let's give it one last shot before the undertaker closes the lid. What do we have to lose?

But I thought this was supposed to be about Christmas. It is ya dummy see the rings the gold ones five of them? And if you're looking for them no need to claw dirt they're probably in the back of the jewelry box.


BBC said...

I don't have anything that is gold or gold coated.

Roger Owen Green said...

I just listened to Bob and Doug McKenzie's 12 Days of Christmas. five golden toques!

Demeur said...

Sure you do Billy it's right in front of you in the computer. Da!

The great white north eh?

BBC said...

So if there in gold in my computer it must be worth what, two bits?

harry said...

I sure wish you would stop bringing me down Demeur.

It's got to the point where I'm no fun any more.

Silence is Golden?