Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's not the fall that kills you...

Wake up you lazy slackers!

Realize that we're being used like a cheap crack whore. We've been sold a bill of goods with fear leading the charge. And why you might ask? Because it's the only thing they at the top have left in their arsenal to keep what they have.

We have been duped into voting against our own best interests. And that's just how a minority wants things. They can not continue to bleed us dry without pervasive lies fed to us daily on three major networks. But the world is waking up. It's beginning to realize that those at the top are providing little value for their "services" rendered. What exactly do you do Mr. CEO on a daily basis? In a meeting to decide what you're going to cut to increase the bottom line? Or maybe out for another fishing trip in a far off land? 

These "job creators" have not created one job other than their own. "Senator if you hate government so much you'd like to drown it in a bath tub then just go hang yourself and be done with it".

Let's face it this self imposed "Fiscal Cliff" is like a junky trying to quit. He'll put deadlines on himself till the cows come home but in the end always go out and get that next fix. We can no more wrench ourselves from our current stagnant situation by cutting off programs that aid to the benefit of the whole than try and run a car by syphoning gas from the tank. It doesn't work.  Maybe we could streamline congress. Cut their positions by one half and pay them on an hourly basis. Trim their cushy retirement plans and cut back their hours and see how they like it. They expect us to do just that.

They say they've been working on a budget plan for months now. No you haven't. It's all recorded in the congressional record. You did little more than name some post offices (which by the way may soon close because of your inaction). Bills were brought up that might have had a chance of doing good only to be voted down. You even filibustered one of your own bills. How psychotic is that? And remember senators and congress people society is now well armed and waiting to see what you do next. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that more guns means more people killed or injured. But there you sit waiting patiently for your next lobbyist pay off only they too are worried. They may have goten what they wished for. And like a co-dependent they'll just keep feeding you cash to keep their best interests to heart. What about ours?  


BBC said...

Nothing I can do about anything, I'm small and made of meat.

S.W. Anderson said...

I don't know what our "honorables" are going to do or when they're going to break down and do it. This situation calls for Dems to hang tough and Republicans to at least fake momentary reasonableness.

As Rachel Maddow likes to ask, what could possibly go wrong?

I do know I'm sick to death of hearing about the fiscal cliff.

S.W. Anderson said...

BTW, Demeur and BBC, happy new year. I hope 2013 is better than '12 was for all of us.

BBC said...

S.W. ... Been on this rock for 69 years, each year for the last 15 years things have gotten a little worse, I don't expect things to improve, I just seek ways to deal with it all.

And I can't follow it constantly, it gets me too worked up. Like I said, we are small and made of meat and can't do anything about it, except cover our own asses the best we can.

My income isn't going to increase much so my buying power will be a little less each year, I'll just have to deal with it.

Take care out there.

harry said...

And a happy new year to you too Mr. de Meur.

And that goes for the rest of you bloody savages too.

Tom Harper said...

I second the motion. Happy New Year to all you monkeys and savages.

harry said...

Yes indeed, musn't forget the monkeys.

Motion is carried.

Keep up the good work Tom Harper.