Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Can meet foot

It's amazing how much money we waste in this country. We think of what's truly important then go ahead and ignore it to focus on the trivial. Two things come to mind when we throw money down the black hole of the unneeded, the hour or so of visual entertainment they call the "Rose Parade". Months are spent planning and gathering just the right materials and man power to produce a rolling gawdy  mobile complete with driver, engine, lights, bells and whistles for a trip down Pasadena's boulevards to be seen for a whopping thirty seconds at best. Last I heard one float can run $50,000 to $300,000 and multiply that by the dozens. And can you recall what any of these floats were promoting? Thought not.

The other worthless expenditure might be pet toys and specialty diets for Fido. There, over a billion dollars is flushed so that pooch can wear a fur trimmed sweater this winter or eat only the finest of cuisines all the while a war vet is eating out of a dumpster. Gad do we have our priorities screwed up or what?!  And then there's things like "Honey Boo Boo". They got the last part of that right. A family scrapes by scrounges and saves so that some bratty kid can look like a star. "Enjoy that one while it lasts momma because in just a few years your "baby" will be tipping the scales just like you if she doesn't break them first. "

And what about our lazy congress? Did it act in a sensible manner laboriously forging out a plan to "fix" our economy? It did not. Instead like a school kid who's term paper was due Monday morning it waited until the midnight hour to slap together something anything to appease a waiting teacher. Even while America waited with baited breath these guys were busy passing other less important legislation. They passed two conformations as well as naming a post office before the really important issue came up. Nothing like playing a few rounds of Nantendo before getting down to the real work eh?

Did they tackle the heart of our current problems? Of course they didn't. Like the school kid they told the teacher Fido ate part of the assignment and they'd need another two months to complete it. Even then this is going to be an ugly piece of work. This is about a battle between austerity and doing what's right. We can no more pay off the national debt in a few short years than anyone could pay off their mortgage. You can't cut off your nose to spite your face. While the middle and lower class might not pay much in taxes individually they are the backbone of the economy. Without their spending we would have very little economic activity. 

Pat yourselves on the back for now senators and house members but two months is a very short time and the can won't hold up forever.       


Randal Graves said...

You left out the name of our sponsors.

Tom Harper said...

I was hoping we'd just take the plunge over the fiscal cliff, then start from scratch with a tax cut for everyone except millionaires.

BBC said...

The Rose Bowl thing is very harmful to the environment also but I guess they don't care about that. And fireworks bringing in the new year with them world wide is another one they don't care about.

I scheduled tomorrows post just a bit ago, mention my big SS raise for the year, 12 whole bucks a month, I'll just have to deal with it.

jadedj said...

We need to can the kickers.