Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He's back

Back in full glory. You may kiss the ring now. I think I have all the bugs worked out so it's on with the circus.

Let us stop for a moment and analyze  the analysis of the break down of the recap then we can all comment on it after the summary wash rinse and repeat. We're to the point of seeing more angles then a dodecahedron. I didn't know and don't really care about the minutest of details that only a microscope could reveal. And when all else fails which it usually does we'll just throw in some conspiracy to spice things up even though none is to be found. But they just can't leave a leaf unturned.
So we end up with 57 channels and the same things on. Must upgrade, it's now 657 channels. What's next? The grass grow channel? Watch as head gardener attempts to do battle with the elusive slugs. Will he be able to deal with the crap grass? Gripping drama so tune in or catch us on facebook.

The CES (consumer electronic show) solving problems you never knew you had. My god you only needs four or five buttons on the remote. Anything else is a waste. And next they'll have an app to remind you to pee. Older demographics and all. What's the ultimate ultra super duper bells and whistles gizmo to out do them all? Maybe a mind reading doo dad that will do some function even before you thought of it.  I can almost see the future of man now sitting there in the ultra ergonomic self adjusting comfy couch in all his obeseness waiting for the infusion of dream inducing elixir. But no waiting, for the House Nanny knows all needs. Chuck the remote and dump the reminder book. You can sit and wallow in your own juices. No need for cheat sheets, ideas will be magically injected into the gray matter as the girth of America's middle section advances. And should there be a need for labour manual there's enough foreign imports to cover that. And maybe just maybe lyposuction can be our new source of oil with an endless supply. Think about that for a moment.  

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BBC said...

I don't like a push button world. I need a camping trip.

Demeur said...

Well eventually they won't have buttons but no worries we'll be long dead before that happens.