Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Test test test. This is only a test. Had it been an actual emergency I would have ignored you while I ran for cover. CYOA as it goes. No skin off my nose.

Seriously the computer of 10+ years gave out today but you can't keep a good dog down as I have friends in low places with connections. So with a wink of an eye and a twitch of the nose this thing is back up and running but for how long is anyone's guess. The hard drive went limp and they don't make viagra for those kinds of things. So we'll see or not.  It matters not that things wear out but to have to reinstall reboot rinse and repeat will still take some time. And that's not to speak of all the passwords long forgotten (who writes those things down on paper you might lose it). I'm as lazy as the next guy and never sign out. Word verify? Pffft! So bear (or is it bare?) with me while I try and get the furniture off the roof and back in it's proper place. Thought everything would be as I left it only the cookie jar got dashed to pieces and this beast has amnesia.
Bookmarks! bookmarks! My kingdom for my bookmarks!


S.W. Anderson said...

Not that I'm good enough about doing it myself, but this is why it pays to make backups early and often.

That said, my experience has been that when forced to practically have to start over, a lot of clutter that will never be missed is out of the way, and the new setup tends to be better than the old.

I have a simple system that makes it quick and simple to record, store and retrieve login info for various sites. If you'll send me an email using the "Get in touch" tab at my blog I'll be glad to share it with you. Bookmarks can be easily exported to an HTML file and then stored on a thumb drive or SD card.

Sorry you're having to start the year with a hassle like this. Do you have one and only one computer?

Roger Owen Green said...

BAD computer!

BBC said...

We are often too lax about backups.

And you need to buy a new CPU.

Randal Graves said...

Bet you wish you hadn't thrown out your abacus, hammer and chisel, and smoke signal kit, huh.

Demeur said...

SW I could have done that myself had I thought of it before hand but like you say some much stuff I don't use anyway.

Not Bad Roger just old and worn out. Happens to the best of them.

Naw Billy you can fix the new ones. They're disposable now.

My navy signal flags are at the cleaners at the moment.

Tom Harper said...

"Word verify? Pffft!"


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BBC said...

The comment by Tom Harper just doesn't seem to be one he would leave. It has spam in it, that just doesn't seem like Tom.