Thursday, January 3, 2013

What an A hole

Boner and the rest of his clown circus must have been too busy getting over the New Years' hangovers to bother with the little people up in New York and New Jersey. Thank god they aren't firemen or grandma, the kids and they family cat would be burned to a crisp by now. I don't have all the stats but several thousand homes and the same amount of businesses were wiped out in this storm Sandy. People have no place to go and can't even begin to rebuild until federal backing is put in place. Guess Johnnie boy is too busy finishing another bottle of Merlot to be bothered.

 I was talking to the folks up there the other day when the Occupy movement (remember them) was doing a neighborhood walk about and interviewing the victims of this storm. Here's the low down that lame stream media isn't reporting. After repeated calls begging for help, any kind of help, a homeowner was told that they will receive a whopping $31,000 to rebuild or repair their home. They showed us the interiors of their homes which if they're still standing have been gutted by volunteers. Basically they are empty shells with no furniture walls ceilings and in some cases floors. I've been in the construction field for quit a few years and I can tell you that $31K wouldn't begin to cover that kind of loss especially in New York. Many of the homes have what's considered a basement on the first floor with an adjoining garage and that area is not covered by insurance. Some folks were lucky enough to get $1200 for temporary housing to cover two months rent. Except that rents there for one month are well beyond that. Most have moved in with relatives sleeping on couches if they're lucky enough to have them nearby. And remember it's been 61 days already since this storm hit so now what do they do?

No biggy though Bonehead has set a congressional vote on the issue for tomorrow that is if his own party doesn't filibuster it which is a possibility. That's how crazy the Tea Baggers are you know. You can just about bet how this will work out. The adjusters, inspectors, and insurance companies will make off with a lions' share of the billions promised. Enough homeowners will get so fed up that they'll give up. Facing foreclosure (remember the mortgages still have to be paid) they'll file for bankruptcy and the bank will take the property. And unless the city has laws about abandoned structures the bank will let the piles of wrecked homes sit there becoming a rats nest. Eventually developers will buy the land and throw up over priced condominiums, but not until the other vultures of finance have picked the bones clean.


Randal Graves said...

Can't wait to see the aftermath once a few more Sandys hit and coastal denizens throw up their hands and move inland, though I suppose there will be plenty of drones to keep an eye on them there, too.

BBC said...

I think it's foolish that everyone seems to expect the government to help them rebuild. Back in the old days, communities just got their shit together and rebuilt them, or moved them to a more sensible place.

I'm not big on the government helping them much to rebuild, where in the hell is their insurance policies?

And if the insurance companies are screwing them kill the greedy fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Back in the Good Old Days we walked fifty miles up hill to school barefoot in winter. I don't know why those lazy bastards can't go back to French where they came from.

Demeur said...

But Randal where will you go when Lake Erie rises and the lampreys go roaming the streets of Clevelanistan?

Billy insurance doesn't cover shit anymore. Everybody has their paws out wanting money. It's not like the old days of the little house on the prairie where they could do a barn raisin'.

Well in my day we crawled up the hill 50 miles in snow wearing shorts backwards on our knees.