Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'll just have the salad and an oxygen mask thank you

McDonald's in China was having a bit of problems with its' chicken. Seems a supplier was raising some fast growing chickens in an attempt to gain profits. A chicken normally takes 90 days to mature. The company however was feeding the chickens large doses of antibiotics which doubled their size and cut the grow date in half. All well and good you might think. Eat a chicken Mcsandwich and fight an infection, a win win for all involved right? Except that this is one of the primary causes of drug resistant bacteria. A side of MERSA with that?

Okay then make it a fish fillet. Not so fast there either Long John. A recent study found that 84% of the worlds' fish have unacceptable levels of mercury. Tuna and swordfish are at the top of the list of highly contaminated species especially those caught in waters around the China Sea. This is all the result of burning coal and mining in that part of the world.  And not to forget the toxins found in electronic products and their production. I suspect we have some pretty nasty fishing holes here in the U.S. as well.

For crying out loud then how about a burger? If they cook it right then that won't kill me will it? Maybe not but the beef in Ireland and Britain was found to contain horse meat.  Geez this takes me back to the days when they put saw dust in the bottom of cereal boxes and fed cattle concrete to juice the profits. Yep I'm that old.

Well then take a deep breath and relax. Can't do that if you're in China. 7 out of the 10 most polluted cities are in China. The air quality was so bad there yesterday that it couldn't be measured. A little background on air quality as that's up my ally. The good news is that the EPA has just tightened standards for air quality, it even passed a court appeal (hum wonder who filed that?) but the bad news is that much of the pollution in the west comes from China so until they clean up their act... Other good news is that because of the cash for clunkers program and the slower economy the air has gotten better. If you live around here you will note less air pollution alerts this past year. 

Busy day here so be careful out there. Wouldn't want to be the next statistic. 

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squatlo said...

A couple of years ago when I was still wasting my time on Facebook I got into a "discussion" with a guy who had taken a job assignment in China. He insisted Chinese air quality was just fine, and that I was just trying to work some kind of liberal climate change crap into his thread about Chinese innovation. I asked him to read Maarten Troost's book "Lost on Planet China" for a little info on air you have to chew...