Sunday, January 13, 2013

News you can't use. And could probably care less about

I see by the old news cycle clock on the wall that we're just about back to the non news. All complete with cute puppies and dress malfunctions, geez can these women get their clothing straight?

I see troops are being sent to Mali along with many French war planes which begs the question what spurred people to take up arms against their own government? Were conditions that bad that they had no alternative? I suspect they were but I'll have to research it farther. You can never really tell when the media today spins an issue faster than an Elvis record at 78 rpms. And if you don't understand that reference you're too young to be reading this.

Ex Egyptian president Mubarak gets another trial. Wonder what his excuse will be that he was temporarily  insane when he ordered the torture and murder of his people multiple times?   Or perhaps a 'twinkie' defense would be in order here.

Israel is once again stealing land from Palestinians. They just evicted a bunch of people from land where they plan to build more homes. Elections are coming and Nutandayahoo doesn't want to look like a wimp. Judging from what his generals say about him he's "coo coo for Coco puffs".

More rapes in India. Nothing like getting in some debauchery before they change the laws. Haven't studied their culture much but when they forbid so much as a kiss to be shown on a movie screen you know there's something wrong there. And to add, now we know why their population is exploding.

Microbes found on the Martian surface. Just don't try and bring them back home for further study we have enough illness here. Have to wonder what the effects of Spock's disease might be though. But then again maybe a little logic might be a good thing for this planet.

That seems to be it for today. I'll forgo the cute kitties and fashion gaffes. Bigger fish to fry and far more entertaining things to look at.    


Ole Phat Stu said...

Re India:
Over the last 1/4 century some Indian parents have controlled the gender of their children. Once they knew the foetus was to be a daughter, it was aborted as they wanted sons. Result? For every 10 boys there were 9 girls.

The result of that is that said sons now can't find a wife. 1 out of 5 can't.
And so these 1 out of 5 males resort to rape :-(

Tom Harper said...

"And so these 1 out of 5 males resort to rape :-( "

That's sick. Those frustrated horny Indians should do what frustrated horny Americans do: buy a gun and ejaculate, er, shoot it at everything that moves.