Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bits and pieces news you can't use

This is the great white north - Canada  brrrrrr!

 Truly odd world weather we're having. In China they've had the coldest average weather in 28 years and one region broke a 43 year record with temperatures at -40 F. And here's an odd little fact -40 F. is also -40 C.

And while the folks in China are freezing their gongs off the folks down in the Tasmania area of Australia are in the frying pan with temperatures of 105 F and are fighting fires.

Over on this side of the world Atlantic Canada got hit with about 18 inches of snow a week ago (photo above). For us on the northern U.S. west coast it's been rain rain and more rain with a cold sunny day thrown in here and there. We're ahead of the average by 11 inches, lucky us. As we say, " at least you don't have to shovel it".

A bank in Switzerland had to fold after getting a rather large fine from the U.S. government over tax evasion (Hope Mitt moved his money before this broke). Wegelin bank was fined $57.8 million for its' misdeeds. But the IRS is looking into others as well. Their biggest catch may be Credit Swiss which has some $2 trillion in holdings. Now if we could just catch those mortgage fraudsters who tanked our economy... Oh that's right their the same people with the Swiss accounts soon to be Cayman accounts.

Lastly we have the wonderful "clean up" job at Fukushima. The above photo shows a supervisor kicking contaminated leaves into a creek. The companies doing the clean up were told to take readings before and after their work by the state environmental office according to the contract. Nothing like sweeping things under the rug or in this case down the river. I did some research and there actually is a way to neutralize these contaminants but it involves quit a bit of work. Guess profits come before human life as always. Can somebody lend me a paddle? Oh never mind I don't have a boat.


BBC said...

We finished the year here with about fifteen inches of rain. That's not a lot but I sure like to bitch about it at times.

I think this winter as been decent to us, so far.

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