Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's in Vogue or maybe not

Creating outrage where there really is none, once again the internet boiled and bubbled a non-story. A slow news day perhaps me thinks? Seems to be the problem with the 24 hour news cycle when filler has no deadline. Exactly what is in that Twinkie cream filling anyway? Inquiring minds want to know. However in this case they ran out of outrage in mixing up this fluff. What no blood, gore or even a dog fight? I guess the pit bulls were all accounted for when this was written. Somebody got their juxtaposition meter out of whack because the heartlessness just wasn't there. If showing a bunch of underweight models next to our response teams is a crime then I sure missed something there. As Randal might say no asbestos filled buildings were harmed in the making of this photo shoot. No distraught mothers clutching their precious babies amid hurricane wreckage. Not so much as a water logged mattress or moldy family photo album to be seen.

I'm almost certain that Annie had a poignant statement to make but the viewing audience has become more jaded than that in these times. It'll take a bit more than a half dozen shots of generic service people intermixed with fashion models to invoke a response here. Hell I though they looked like an ad for a perfume or something.  Guess my skin has morphed into belt leather. That comes with age you know. Now where'd I leave my skin conditioner? That's right I don't have any not in this tight economy.

Nothing to see here folks so move along. If you come across something juicy you will drop me a line right? 

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Aquarians Love To Fuck said...

"......If showing a bunch of underweight models next to our response teams is a crime then I sure missed something there......."

Are you mad?
Are you fucking insane?
This is a disgusting condemnation of America's fine fighting men (and women?).
What you call "underweight models" our enemies call "Ideal Unlawful Enemy Combatants"!
They are thin and therefore capable of 'hiding' more items with more destructive power, et cetera.
Notice these gamine waifs are all taller than our dedicated Welfare-in-green cohorts. The extremely ugly photographer has placed these Terrorists in positions of dominance - and disdain - over - and for - our heroes!
The 'Female Osama' in the red dress is wiping her excessive 'elbow sweat' on that poor grunt!

What was it that Twisted Sister guy said?

"We're not gonna take it!"