Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pig meet lipstick

Amazing that some people just don't get it. They just can't accept the obvious. As we all know some people can change and some can't. You can put a suit on a hobo but that's not going to change the inside. Republicans lost this last election and why not? Who didn't they insult with their 47% comments, self deportation as an immigration policy and their no abortions even in the case of rape or incest? Like spoiled brats they pouted and stamped their feet all the while thinking that it was an image problem or a brand problem. Never once looking under the hood of their party and noticing that the engine of this baby should have been replaced long ago. Putting a couple of coats of wax on this junker isn't going to cut it.

As we move forward they have a choice. They railed against Muslim extremism and its' stranglehold on freedoms all the while promoting much the same here in the U.S. Like it or not this nation is moving away from an old white boys network and they just can't bear the thought of it. They can continue to cheat and lie but with today's technology they'll get caught nearly every time. They may control main stream media but that too has lost its' trust as people realize they've been duped  once again. You can't spin it to win it anymore as we saw from the hundreds of millions pumped into this last election cycle. And people aren't quite as stupid as you may think. You can lie to them once or twice but soon they'll catch on then everything you say will be perceived as a lie. They will have effectively poisoned the brand and all the face paint and designer gowns won't make a bit of difference.

Let's see them etch-a-sketch their way out of this one.


BBC said...

Oh, I don't know, I think you can con enough Americans all the time to keep this country really fucked up.

But all of it has little effect on me.

Anonymous said...

".....And people aren't quite as stupid as you may think......."

As we know, I am a tad more pragmatic than you, so we can well imagine how I will react to that statment, "Oh yes they are!"

Dearest BBC,

For once, and yes, I am as shocked as you, I agree with you - to a point, however.

As far as your belief that you are unaffected?
You are the epitome of 'affectation' - Nay! - perhaps even the zenith of it.
Do not fool yourself - it could, and will, be lethal.