Sunday, October 5, 2008

Excesses bubbles and busts

Nature prevails in all that we do it's just that many times we're too stupid or blind to see it. A few examples: If there's too much rain we get floods. Too much sun we get draught. Too many people rushing to start a business on the internet we get a dot com bust. Too many people flipping houses and people buying what they can't afford we get a housing bust. Too much borrowed money we get bankruptcy.
What goes around comes around and the higher the stakes the harder the fall. With grandiose plans the mukey mucks in Dubai built the next wonder of the world. A multi island oasis with homes only the top of industry could afford all financed with petro dollars from around the world. But the plan hit it's zenith it's tipping point when fuel prices and home values in other countries hit there max and the money could not be paid back and the fuel prices ate into budgets. Nature is taking her revenge and what was once a party atmosphere of excesses will soon shift to the other extreme. It's all a matter of balance you know. Too much power, wealth, money or food at one time never works in the long run. Nature will always win.



Tengrain said...

You are soooooooooo blogrolled!



Utah Savage said...

Ditto tengrain. I follow him everywhere. At least I think he's a he.

Very nice sensible post. So when the end of Amurka actually dawns on us, where should we go to escape the bottoming out?

BBC said...

I hated the Dubai project, have posted about it in the past, they built that place on dirt cheap labor that they forced to live in camps outside of them.

I knew that it would turn back to dust one day, and the sooner the better.

MRMacrum said...

Understanding saturation points and dealing with theem before they become issues is not something humans are very good at. We eat till we are full and past. We buy until we have to rent storage space to store what we can't fit into the house or garage. We do everything to excess. Common sense is the first casualty when times are good.