Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing like shooting yourself in both feet

A little foot in mouth problem Michele?

The tactic of divide and conquer has worked for thousands of years with great results. The only problem? It doesn't work when you're trying to run for office and trying to get everybody on board to your way of thinking. To ramble on about how one group is somehow worst than another will sneak up on you and bite you... well you know. That's exactly what's happened in case of Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann who went on a rant calling some "anti American". Does this woman have a clue as to how to win friends and influence people? Oops I was tempted to throw in a blonde joke there but that wouldn't be right. The result of Ms. Bachmann's blathering was her opponent raising over $1 million in just a few days. Too late now Michele the damage has been done no muligans here. The us against them mentality is slowly loosing favor even though it's being used on a grand scale in state and local elections. While we're on the subject of elections let me add some important information here.
Diebold is at it again. Remember those wonderful voting machines that could easily be hacked in the last two elections. In spite of spending millions to try and fix the problem the machines in W.Va are registering votes for McCain when the Obama button is touched. When challenged about the vote voters were told too bad the vote is in the machine and there's no way to check it.
If I've said this once this election season I'll say it a million times or more, ask for a paper ballot! It is your right. And if there is any doubt about the outcome of the election demand a hand recount. With all the BS the republicans and their cronies have given us the last eight years it's time to stand up and put and end to it. They stole two elections already. Let's not let them steal a third.


BBC said...

We do nothing but paper here, at home, I turned mine in at the courthouse this morning.

For the first time ever I voted a straight Democrat ticket.

What's a country boy like you hanging out with the big city titties for? Not that the country titties haven't gotten just as bad as the big city titties, watching TV and reading their stupid Insane Chicks shit like 'Curves' has them all screwed up also.

Why do they read w omen's magazines telling them to have better sex? As far as I can tell, most of them aren't fucking any of us anyway.

Damn, and I haven't even had a drink yet. Don't get me started, you know how I get. Ha!!!

Demeur said...

My barber (a woman ) explained that to me. Women are only out to impress other women. That's why they spend so much money on clothes. So I guess they are out to lie to their girlfriends about their sex lives.

BBC said...

I used to go to a woman barber, I liked the way she pulled on my ears and at times would brush a tit against me.

But I haven't been to a barber for years now, I cut my own hair.

BBC said...

I think they also talk about the names they give their dildos.

BBC said...

I'm sure that a lot of women buy nice clothes just trying to make them feel better about themselves. Just like they buy nice homes and nice cars.

I don't care how fancy you dress up a beaver, it's still just a fucking beaver.

Kvatch said...

I've taken to going into the voting both with a hi-def digital camera. Since we use optical-scan here in Babylon by the Bay, it's the ideal way to record your vote. pisses off the elections officials no end.

Wayne John said...

Oh hell, I'd love a good blond joke!

Hell, I'm anti-american, but I'm pro-human, wouldn't that be better?

I think I'm going to video my ballot selections as I make them and post them for all to see.

Why? I've no fricken clue...just sounds potentially illegal and fun at the same time.

WayneJohn said...

I just came by to say hi to Missy and you.

Here kitty kitty kitty...