Thursday, October 2, 2008

Somebody's lying to us

I did a little research. First I checked out our (U.S.) money supply. This is listed as M1, M2, and M3 which is a listings of money like cash in the bank, savings, certificates and other combinations of monitary assets. I noticed that there has been an increase in the supply of money nearly every month for the last year and a half. But I was really wondering how much money that the Fed was pumping into our economy.
I came across some basic articles


Last week our government pumped over $600 billion into the foreign markets in an effort to stabalize their situation. Remember they financed a bunch of this toxic paper and are stuck with it as well.

$600 billion

The Fed last summer pumped some $62 billion into our economy in order to keep things going. This move was before the emergency weekend rate cut. This whole economy for quite some time has been running on borrowed money only the money is running out. The markets are awash in money but the problem is that no bank or investment house wants to lend because they are as afraid like you would be to lend to a deadbeat relative. Nobody wants to be stuck in the event the borrowing bank pulls a Bear Sterns or WaMu.

Now we have the bailout or should I say the greatest theft in U.S. history. I haven't read the full text yet but if these were better times I'd say this thing would look like a christmas tree to surpass "It's a Wonderful Life" now standing tall at $850 billion. And this is only a spit in a bucket in terms of the extent of the entire problem. I'm sorry but at some point you have to let it go or like a junker car you were hoping to fix we're just throwing good borrowed money after bad. And there's no way this money could ever be paid back. How's that stimulous check working for you? I hope you saved it because the government wants it back and then some.

Update: Looks like our congress critters like druggies that they are are getting another fix of cash of our money. This however won't satisfy their need for more later. This is crisis management at its worst and it won't get better anytime soon because like oil nobody seems to want to change the addiction or the addicts.


BBC said...

First I checked out our (U.S.) money supply.

Money supply? Ha !! We don't have that money, haven't for years. They just won't admit that this country is broke and has been for years.

They just keep cooking the books with figures, it's all a smoke screen. Hey, it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking.

Find your own path and what will work for you, that is about all you can do.

BBC said...

I mean, monkeys fucking around. Fucking word verification, I hate it, that's why it isn't seen on my blogs.

Demeur said...

Oops I thought I had word verification turned off. Sorry about that Billy.

BBC said...

I was going to say something else, but I just had a brain fart, ha ha ha.