Monday, October 6, 2008

I told you so

First I'd like to thank Tengrain and Utah Savage for stopping by. I'll add you to the side bar when I get the chance.

I hate to say this but the Monkeyfister and I had predicted the current mess last fall. The Monk was smart enough to plant food in a fairly large garden over the spring and summer. I only wish I could have done the same but was limited by space time and a replacement job to a back deck. All I could do is try and save as much as I could in preperation and of course pay off all the bills. It hasn't been easy in that what I do is tied to housing and construction. I've been out for 10 months now with no real prospects, but since I knew this was going to happen I was better prepared mentally to deal with the situation. I'd say that if there isn't some type of major New Deal coming soon that the present situation will continue for well over a year or more. It's a vicious cycle. Companies won't be making money hence will be laying off workers which will cause people to spend less and the cycle will continue. I saw this in the 80s but that situation was a bit different. Back then taxes were cut but so was spending so there wasn't a massive $11+ trillion in debt hanging over our heads so the recession didn't last as long. Back then there were safety nets, fairly full food banks and Community action programs. Now food banks are nearly empty and the CAPs are gone. You might get help from the electric co. but that seems to be about all.
So what do we do now? All we can do is wait and see what happens, keep an eye out for any job opportunity, and of course cut back on spending. Welcome to the Bush depression of 08.


BBC said...

I'm been telling others it was coming for five years, no one ever listens to me so screw them. If they are in trouble now they can bail their own damn ships out.

Demeur.... I'm sure that you have important shit to do instead of going to the Freemont fair, ha ha ha.

But thanks for pointing it out, if I remember it I'll go next year.

Demeur said...

My only concern now Billy is that with these monkeys pumping money into the system like drunken sailors on leave we'll only be able to use it for TP in the near future.

BBC said...

So? My world has never revolved around money. I spent most of mine on women and booze, the rest of it I just pissed away.

BBC said...

Money, rolls eyes, fuck money, what has that got to do with love and sex?

Oh, wait, women think it is important. Well, they can just get their own damn jobs.

I don't want to sex most of their fat asses anyway. Fat people fuck like old people fuck, if they are even fucking at all.

Geez, just don't bring it into my front room, this place is too small for that and I damn sure don't want to watch it.

Demeur said...

Hey sex is free booze costs money. What if your favorite bottle cost $300? See what I'm getting at?

BBC said...

I drink cheap beer and don't expect it to go up much in price. Or will learn to make my own booze if I have to. Or simply do without if I have to.

It's the price of coffee and co-co that concerns me. But hey, we're all on the same boat together.

And it looks like we will all sink together. Wait, I have a life raft, ha ha ha.

BBC said...

Fifi says she's part fish. You want to run with that? hehehe

Na, she must be a groper, ha ha ha.