Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some random things

You've heard all the hoopla about Joe the Plumber. Well we on the other side have an answer to him it's Joe the Homeless and he now has his own blog.

Meet Joe

The outright lies of Sarah Palin:

Mrs. I'm against socialism

$14 billion in one quarter is just not enough profit for Exxon Mobile so Mc$ain wants to give them $4 billion more. Yeah John that'll create more jobs for the bean counters maybe.

GDP is at -0.3% for the 3rd quarter and I wouldn't expect much of an uptick for the 4th quarter. 09 is looking like it will be a very bad year unless there is a very large bail out for main street. 70% of our economy is run by consumer spending and it is now at a 28 year low.

Governors of six states want the treasury to bail out the automakers. Hey why don't you ask Bush for the money back on the tax breaks he gave to companies that bought SUVs a few years ago.

Japan has just come out with a $275 billion bailout for their people on main street. Looks like they are taking care of their own unlike Bush/McCain.

More items later

I just heard that the banks that were bailed out with OUR money are planning to give their execs an average $625,000 bonus for this years wonderful performance (snark intended). I've got some news for them. Next month I'm pulling all of my money out of one of their "failed" banks and moving it to a credit union.
The response from congress about this " We thought they'd do the right thing".


BBC said...

The cat post is cute. My pussies voted for Obama.

Joe the homeless is a hoot, I have an extra tent if he needs one, then he wouldn't be homeless.

Demeur said...

Only problem is they won't let him pitch the tent for more than a couple of days. At least in this state. That'll be interesting when thousands are living in tents. Think they'll be able to camp on Mayor Nickles lawn? I'm not worried my place is paid for.

BBC said...

Yup, that is the way to do it, get your place paid for.

But I live out in the sticks so to speak and there are a lot of homeless people here that don't draw any attention to themselves.

Many of them choose to live that way in fact. But they don't do tent cities and such, they just stay to themselves.

Joe the Homeless said...

Ya, well, my "constituents" tell me the goddam lines at the soup kitchens in Portland are almost as long as at the goddam polls in Florida lately, so why the fuck would I want to go there. My goddam house is paid for too. It's a goddam cardboard box for crysake.
Right, bbc, we just love this shit. That's why I turned down that $17 Billion severance package from fickin Berger King when they told me I didn't need to mop the fucking bathrooms any more.

Joe the Homeless said...

BTW, thanks for the mention, demeur.