Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little trivia

I'll bet you didn't know who these people are.

Gloria La Riva
Eugene Puryear
James Harris
Alyson Kennedy
Cynthia McKinney
Rosa Clemente

Give up? Answers in the comments


Demeur said...

They are men and women running for president and vice president. Several are African American.

La Riva woman running for president
Puryear her African American running mate

Harris African American running for president
Kennedy his female running mate

McKinney women running for president
Clemente her female running mate

Bustednuckles said...

Good one.
McKinney was the only one that rang a bell.

Hundreds of millions of dollars for advertising and nobody ever heard of any of these people.
We need election reform, badly.

BBC said...

Bustednuckles... We don't need election reform. We need to blow this whole fucking government up and start all over again.

Ya, know, I've never sucked on a brown tit in this lifetime, it might be okay. After all, I have nothing against tits of any color.

If I ran for preznut, oh fuck it, these monkeys don't like to hear the truth.