Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain - Wrong again

To call John McCain a maverick is about as far from the truth as one can get. For those who compare him to Bush here's proof positive John is following exactly in Georgie's foot steps. McCain wants to cut the rates on retirement withdrawls that would affect mainly about 3% of seniors. He wants to give capital gains cuts. Hmmm anybody seen any gains lately? McCain is back to the trickle down policys of Reagan combined with the corporate welfare of Bush. This is the same trickle down policy Reagan tried in the early 80s. The going joke then was that money trickled down from the Gettys to the Rockefellers. In todays terms that would be from the Gates to the Buffets. I see no difference in what Reagan did then to what McCain wants to do now. It's just more money to the rich and it didn't work then and it won't work now. So let's send John back to the retirement home in Arizona give him some warm milk and put him to bed. It's time to rebuild this country we don't need any more of these failed ideas.

McCain's economic plan


BBC said...

I really don't think that it can be rebuilt until it fails. Once again things have gone too far, just like Rome.

So just cover your own ass the best you can and hang on for the ride.

Don't worry about McCain, he isn't going to get into office. But I'll sell my vote and vote for them if Palin will let me kiss her tits for twenty minutes.

On the other hand, if she let a few million men kiss her tits in the next few weeks to vote for them they just might be able to pull it off.

Then the best we could hope for is to catch her fucking another monkey on a White House couch, we deserve some entertainment from these monkeys.

I'd fuck her on that couch, I could use some entertainment.

Candace said...

Demeur, thanks very much for stopping by my blog. I just read several of your posts and think they're great-- very well thought out. The hubster and I sold our house last year, got out of debt, and into savings. We moved to an apt. across the street from his office, so no more long commute. Now, like you, we're ready to hang on for the bumpy ride that's coming. Until recently, the rest of the country was focused on Brittney and Branjolina. Now I hope everyone will get out and vote these bastards out of office.