Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where do we go from here

Trying to get a handle on the economic situation I came upon this article that gives a look into the future. It's my position that this problem is so big that it's going to take some time before things turn around. Somebody had the foresight to check out the safe business and discovered that home safes are selling in record numbers in spite of assurances about FDIC.

What now

Hat tip to clusterstock

P.S. The whores of wall street will be lining up shortly to give payback for the fun night they had with congress at our expense. Now if we could just figure out such a scam we could all retire early.


MRMacrum said...

clusterstock does not paint a pretty picture. Hopefully their scenario is as bad as it gets.

BBC said...

I have resigned myself into accepting that it has to topple before it can be fixed so I've stopped wasting my time trying to fix it.

Fuck the stock markets and fuck the politics.

"Hat tip to clusterstock"

Hat tip to clusterfuck...

BBC said...

You can still find cheap property in quite out of the way places, a good place to get away to these days.

Lot's of cheap property still in parts of Utah and Arizona.

If I had known that I was going to live this long I would have killed myself sooner. Spent a lot of my life trying to do that anyway. Ha ha ha.

BBC said...

Opp's brain fart, I meant Nevada, not Arizona. In Arizona they think their land is valuable.

In Nevada you can buy an old mining claim for five grand.

BBC said...

I agree with living in Nevada, but if you look around there are some nice places in Utah. I enjoyed living in Duchesne when I was there.

And 60 acres with a decent mobile and garage and woodshed and chicken coop for 20 grand was a good deal.

And great hunting and fishing. Could just open a window and pick off the deer I wanted. Sometimes a rabbit.