Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't get TV after Feb? Too bad!

Once again the republicans are shitting on the little guy. This time if you have rabbit ears or roof top antenna forget about getting a TV signal. Need a set top box but can't afford it? Then screw you there's no more government discount tickets. So if you can't get reception when they change the signal to digital in Feb. blame the rethuglicans because they were the ones who don't give a squat about you. They only care about their corporate buddys. Maybe it is time to scrub and rinse DC of these dinasaurs and bring about a new party. These guys are like that whiney brat you'd like to bitch slap because everything you do they find fault with. If these guys keep it up I'll consider pulling my money out of the bank and cashing in my retirement fund. That's the only thing these guys seem to understand. They'd sell their dying grandmother for a couple of green backs and try and leverage that into some worthless paper. They sure can bail their buddys out in short order but when it comes to the rest of us we'll be eating shoe leather before they get around to passing a bill for the rest of us. So screw them. May they gag on their pate and Dom and I hope the same labs that tested the peanut butter tested their high class goodies.


Roger Owen Green said...

I'm a little less inclined to blame GOP nastiness and and more on GOP incompetence. HOW THE HELL DO THEY RUN OUT OF COUPONS? The effect, of course, is the same.
I got my coupons last week; only took 5 weeks. And I ordered two because I correctly surmised that someone I know will need one and wouldn't be able to get.

BBC said...

I never turn my TV on except to watch a movie from the library, or is rented, so I don't care about all that.

Don't you need some type of regulator on the DC curcuit to run LEDs?

Depends on what you mean. You can't run them on a 12 circuit unless you run about nine of them is wired in series.

Running them off of a motor like I'm doing depends on the motor, a lot of them are small voltage motors.

If you use a 12 volt motor you just turn it at a slower speed so it puts out a lower voltage.

Not sure what the little scanner motor is, there is no voltage info on it, but must be about three volts as it's working perfect on LED's

I did a really cool experiment this morning but won't post about it for a day or so.

BBC said...

No on the LEDs I know if you run them beyond their max voltage/watt they blow out just like a light bulb.

Actually, I subjected one to a full twelve volts for maybe five seconds this morning.

It damn sure didn't like it, put out a red light and then dimmed out.

But after letting it cool for a bit and hooking it back up to three volts it still worked just fine.

Distributorcap said...

good chance this is going to be delayed until June 12