Monday, January 5, 2009

The economic outlook

I like to keep a finger on the pulse of what's going on in the financial world and our economy that seems to be spinning around the waters of the toilet bowl. As I've said before current conditions are repeats of bad economies of the past. The bubble burst, people lost their homes and unemployment is rising. Demand is falling leading to less production and more layoffs. The downward cycle continues until either Uncle Sam steps in to pump things up or we have a war. (Oh that's right we're in two wars at present and that's not helping.)

As I see it we'll have an uptick around spring or summer followed by another round of bad economic news. The other shoe in housing will drop in late 2009 and into 2010. And right on que the republicans are circling the wagons to screw things up as they prepare to try and halt any spending for the average guy that might actually help us out of this mess. The following guy ( a guru of wall street ) has predicted about what I just said above. The only reason I was able to see it was a good look at housing and spending back in late 07. When you stagger into Denny's at 2:00 am with $5 and some loose change in your pocket and you wonder where all that cash you had in your wallet went to well I think you get the picture (analogy). At least I hope you got it.

A peek into the future

You know why women don't have crystal babies?

Because men don't have crystal balls.


Utah Savage said...

I come here often and read. But if I see BBC has left a comment I move on. He is my one and only troll--misogynistic and mean.

But I love the way you think and write. This post is right on target.

One Fly said...

Picture says it all. Good post.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know there's someone else who knows BBC. He came to my blog and: said I don't have an outhouse....?.....said I could feed a starving woman for 25 cents. I said I'd give her 50 cents if she'd kick his ass.

Now, onto Demeur: Darlin, it's not the government's fault that we're in this mess. It's those people who feel they DESERVE whatever it is that they can't pay for.

And bailing out companies isn't going to help when that money should go to the investors, not the business.

In what world can you mismanage funds and get MORE money given to you.

BBC said...

I guess that Utah doesn't like me, I'm okay with that, women that don't like to hear the truth never like me. It's not my problem.

She jumps to a conclusion when she says I'm misogynistic, tell Helen that and she would laugh her ass off, she has seen all that I have done for women.

Many women have also called me a bigot, those fucking women don't know me personally. I'm not really a bigot, I just have a love/hate relationship with mankind.

And a love/hate relationship with women, they hate to hear the truth.

Dana, you are also full of shit and making things up. And a spoiled woman, and you can feed a starving woman or child for 25 cents, not that I'm assuming you want to. But I do my part, do you?

BBC said...

Um, back to your post. I'm not expecting any improvement this year, the voters are putting too much hope in a man that worked his way to the top that they are going to make a member of the club.

I have no more power to change things than you do, other than power over my own little life, and I managed to stuff an extra hundred buck away this payday.

And I'm doing more things that will allow me to continue to get along just fine in harder times.

Be prepared or have to depend on others, but it's not wise to assume that they will be there to help.

Demeur said...

Not true Dana. Yes some people did take out mortgages they couldn't afford but those loans have now been flushed from the system. We are now at the point where even people with good credit are falling behind on payments and as I said in the post the other shoe will drop at the end of 09 and 10 when the Alt-A and option mortgages are due to reset. So yes it is the governments fault for eliminating the rules that had been in place since the 1930s and for not enforcing the rules that we did have. Remember we elected the government to enact laws to prevent this and they failed.

Consider the alternative to not spending to rebuild the infrastructure. How about we just eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicade and any of the other safety nets? You'd be out on the street with the rest of the Joe the homelesses because that nice retirement plan you and your hubby live on would be gone as well. You might want to check where your city has its retirement plan invested because its all interrelated. When homes sit empty the city collects no taxes. So is that the mayor's
fault or the people who defaulted? And does it really matter when the end result is the same?