Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a mess

As I peruse the news all I can say if it wasn't for bad news there wouldn't be any news at all. This post is for all of those readers in other parts of the country that might wonder how things are fairing out here in the Northwest. I sit here reading the news and can only comment that it's like watching a slowmotion train wreck. Every day it's been more layoffs and more businesses closing. Gang violence is on the rise. In addition there's a rise in robberies, murder and suicides. The school board in Seattle is having to close 5 schools to make up a budget shortfall and I'll bet more will follow. There's even talk of going to a 4 day school week to save money. A lot of businesses have done that already if they're still in business. Hours have been cut back and nobody dare take a vacation or sick day lest they fear being replaced when they get back or worse have their job eliminated all together.

Is there any good news out there? Not much from what I can see. The shipyard in Bremerton was hiring a few hundred to help repair military ships that have seen rough service in the last few years but, for a few hundred jobs some 5000 people showed up to apply. The border patrol was hiring if you want to live in some far away place on the Canadian or Mexican borders looking out for drug dealers or foreigners. I wonder now if they are coming or leaving.

Now I hear that both of our Seattle newspapers may go the way of the buggy whip. That is a mixed blessing. I haven't read any well written articles in either paper since before the last strike. I guess the editors thought it would be cheaper just to pull stories from the AP. You know much like TV did with reality shows after the writers strike there. I guess if you don't have to write it you don't need to pay much for it. That gives me an idea or two.

So tell me. What's going on in your part of the country? You can share your horror stories here or at your own site. Just leave a link in the comments so we know where to find you if you haven't been here before.


J. Marquis said...

I live in the same part of the country as you. I guess the one bright spot I see right now is that maybe the general population of the nation is waking up and realizing the masters of the global economy don't have our best interests in mind.

BBC said...

Well, I live close to you so the picture here is pretty much the same as there.

I have two friends that are very close to having to close their businesses.

I can make a few phone calls and get some work but I choose not to when others need the work more than I do. I get by just fine on my little income.

I don't tend to look at just areas so much as I do the big picture and things are going to hell everywhere.

In country's all around the world. It's one little planet and now everyone is on the same boat now that we are evolving into a global economy.

And they all have to learn to support each other. Not to mention this tribal monkey bullshit of borders and such.

It's going to be a painful trip, but hopefully mankind can get it all together.

That however remains to be seen.

BBC said...

With a car generator you have to direct some of the power you are making with it to run the armature. Units like that have been around for years and are over kill for just LED's that take so little power.

I'm interesting in showing folks how to make generators from old electronics. Even good ones if there is a big natural disaster.

Small motors won't provide a lot of electricity, unless one is attached to something that is spinning it 24/7, then it would slowly charge up a 12 battery.

No point in the motors going to landfills.

MRMacrum said...

You asked for others take - here's my post on the subject

"As Maine Goes, So Goes the .....