Monday, January 12, 2009

Stone soup

Checking the job listings I see we have jobs that were posted last year and the year before. Some were temp postions that were later pulled by budget cuts, others were long filled and those people are now not working. So here I sit wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Too bad we don't just have a cryogenic chamber we couldn't just step into when things slowed down. Set the timer for spring or early summer for me would you please.

I see our shrub in chief is trying desperately to polish that turd/legacy. Just remember Georgie you were the one who called anyone against you a terrorist. Paybacks are hell aren't they.

Madoff remains free on bail. Gee sometimes I wish I had enough money that if I did something wrong I could pull my pants down and moon the judge.

Thirteen people and three companies are being sanctioned for selling nuclear information to other countries. Since when did we start enforcing international laws? And as I recall the only country to use nuclear weapons ever was the U.S. against Japan. Other than not permitting a person or company to enter or do business with the U.S. exactly how do you sanction a person?

Ah healthcare and Cobras. What's a Cobra you ask? No not the snake but it sure acts like one. A Cobra is a healthcare plan offered to cover you and your family when you loose medical coverage from a layoff. The only problem. The cost per month averages up to 84% of your unemployment. So you get a choice. Go naked with no coverage or live on the street with coverage. Sounds like a choice between cancer or leprosy if you ask me. I did something a little better, at least cheaper. Went to the clinic and told them my coverage expired so what could they do for me if I went pay as you go. They knocked off 20%. That's still about five times what you pay out of pocket if you had insurance but a hell of a lot less than if you had a Cobra.
Watch out for this snake


dana wyzard said...

That's real nice of them to knock off 20%. I don't know why health insurance costs so much. The only have to pay 20% OF the bill!!!

My last tests cost over $700 and the insurance paid $140. So, another way to kick the sick man with no insurance to cover the well ones WITH insurance because the insurance gets away with things that used to be confined to the Mafia. Am I figuring that right??

MRMacrum said...

I have decided they should rename Healthcare. It should now be called Wealthcare. Because that is all they are worried about, their wealth.

BBC said...

Over here the hospital is ran by the county and taxpayer supported. Most of the doctors are greedy and won't treat you unless you have insurance or cash to pay what they want so they can keep up their fancy lifestyles, I do not call that serving mankind.

The hospital has to treat you but not until you end up in the emergency room in a life threatening situation. That requires more care and complex operations than if folks got the proper care from the start.

If you ask me, this puts an unfair load on the hospital because the doctors are greedy. I blame them for a lot of our health care problems in this country.

When does a doctor whine? When he takes his car in for repairs. Since when are mechanics getting rich? The last doctor that saw me wanted over $700.00 for looking at me for five to ten minutes. That's bullshit.

All I can suggest is that you get into some gardening and simple living, I think it's going to be hard here for a while for a lot of us.